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water research equipment

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    Metrohm - Model 940 Professional IC Vario - Modular High-performance System for Ion Chromatography

    The limits of ion chromatography have yet to be reached. If you want to push them, the 940 Professional IC Vario is your solution of choice. Engineered for research and sophisticated method development, the 940 Professional IC Vario provides you with the ultimate flexibility you expect from an ion chromatograph. Experience the versatility of the ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Ion Chromatography Product line

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    Metrohm - Model 2060 MARGA R - A402060120C - Air Monitoring for Research Campaigns

    The Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in Ambient air (MARGA) uses ion chromatography to monitor air quality by measuring the concentration of water-soluble gases and aerosols in air containing different sizes of particulate matter. Air is drawn in to the instrument by a vacuum pump at a constant flow rate. Before entering the instrument, the maximum ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Metrohm Process Analytics Product line

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    innuPREP - Micro RNA Kit

    Using the innuPREP Micro RNA Kit allows researchers to isolate small RNA molecules and achieve high yields. The new, optimized Binding Buffer system makes it possible to achieve high rates of recovery for small RNA molecules such as mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and snRNA. The first step utilizes well-established Spin Filter column technology to selectively ...

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    TAPI - Model 465M - Process Ozone Monitor

    The Model 465M is a microprocessor based medium range ozone monitor for measuring process ozone concentrations in water treatment, food processing, and research applications. The design has been specifically optimized for applications requiring the measurement of ozone at near-ambient pressure such as water treatment contactor off-gas measurement. ...

    By Teledyne API based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Process Ozone Instruments Product line

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    innuSPEED - Plant RNA Kit

    The innuSPEED Plant RNA Kit allows researchers to extract total cellular RNA from an extremely wide variety of fresh or frozen plant tissue (such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc.) The Lysis Tubes in the kit contain beads that are specially tailored to plant tissue and that optimize the ability of a homogenizer (such as the SpeedMill from ...

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    TAPI - Model 465H - Process Ozone Monitor

    The Model 465H is a microprocessor based high concentration ozone monitor for measuring ozone in process gas streams in water treatment, food processing, and research applications. The 465H has been designed to give accurate and stable readings over long time periods with little or no maintenance or calibration. The Model 465H is available in a ...

    By Teledyne API based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Process Ozone Instruments Product line

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    innuPREP - Blood RNA Kit

    The innuPREP Blood RNA Kit allows users to extract total cellular RNA from fresh or frozen whole blood samples, which were stabilized with either EDTA or citrate. The specially optimized Lysis Buffer makes lysis extremely efficient, effectively deactivating endogenous and exogenous RNases. Using innuPREP Blood RNA Kit allows researchers to isolate ...

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    innuMIX - qPCR MasterMix Probe

    innuMIX qPCR MasterMix Probe has been developed for fast, highly reproducible, real-time PCR and validated on the most common real-time instruments. The master mix can be readily combined with an extremely wide variety of probe systems, including TaqMan® and rehybridization probes. By delivering the perfect combination of the latest chemistry ...

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    ADVANCEES - Model UF Series - Ultrafiltration Systems

    Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. Suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight are retained, while water and low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane. This separation process is used in industry and research for purifying ...

    By Advanced Equipment and Services based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from ADVANCEES - UF – Ultrafiltration Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 12.40 - Liquid Layer Sampler, Rod Operat. Stand

    This translucent teflon and stainless steel sampler is specially suitable for the indication of layers, measuring the thickness of the floating layer and the sampling of drums, tanks on lorries, gully holes and shallow oil separators. With the liquid layer sampler also depth specific samples can be taken. The translucent sample tube allows for ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Water Samplers (Ground) Product line

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    Model Plus - Internal Recording, 1500 Depth

    The Idronaut Ocean Seven 316 Multi-Parameter Probe is ideal for scientific, research and monitoring applications. It is equally suitable for inshore operation or from small outboards or large ocean vessels. The instrument is microprocessor-controlled and can measure, store and transmit sensor data. Internal or external submersible battery packages ...

    By General Oceanics Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Monitoring Product line

  • GF - Piping Systems

    GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems made of plastics and metal. The division focuses on system solutions and high-quality components for the safe transport of water and gas in industrial, utilities, and building technology. The core competence of GF Piping Systems is the development, production and marketing of plastic and ...

    By Georg Fischer AG (GF) based in Schaffhausen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Pike - Seismic Gun

    Seismic guns are used for efficient and safe waves' generation on logged areas, water-land transition zones and water areas.

    By Solgeo srl based in Seriate (BG), ITALY. from Geophysical Research Product line

  • Pipescanner - Inspection Device

    An inspection device, called a ‘Pipescanner’ is fed into the pipe. The device is equipped with 64 ultrasound transducers, located for coverage of the entire pipe wall in 360 degrees. During the data acquisition process the Pipescanner is pulled through the water filled pipe to cover the whole pipeline. The Pipescanner is pulled through ...

    By Breivoll Inspection Technologies (BIT) based in Tromsø, NORWAY.

  • Research Systems

    A complete system of Pre-treatment-Distillation-Storage-Distribution-Dispensing where all parts in contact with the distillate are of borosilicate, titanium or PTFE.The produced distillate is free of bacteria, toxins, virus, spores, DNAs and RNAs.The system is completely closed from the incoming feed water up to the bottle or container to be ...

    By AQUA-NOVA AB based in Kristianstad, SWEDEN.

  • PURELABFlex - Pure and Ultrapure Laboratory Water From a Single System

    ELGA has been a trusted name in water purification for over 50 years, pioneering innovative technologies and award winning product design for our customers. Part of the world’s leading water services company Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, ELGA have the most comprehensive range of water purification systems available today for ...

  • MacroRhizons - For Field Research

    MacroRhizons are developed for field research. They have a porous part with an outer diameter of 4.5 mm and a pore size of 0.15 µm. MacroRhizons are only available with female luer lock, suitable for creating a vacuum with syringes. The yield of water is approximately 20 ml/minute.

    By Rhizosphere Research Products B.V. based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Pharmaceutical, Hospital, and Research

    Water treatment solutions for the pharmaceutical, hospital, and research sectors Whether for producing ultrapure water or as part of your industrial processes, your water treatment systems must be foolproof. You must ensure compliance with the highest standards at all times by optimizing operations. Our expertise enables us to harness the full ...

    By H2O Innovation based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Markets Product line

  • Chromtech - Model SPDE - Solid Phase Dynamic Extraction

    SPDE features full automation for dynamic sample extraction, desorption and analysis using the CTC Combi PAL. Most of our customers use SPDE for food and flavor research, forensic analysis or environmental applications. The typical lifetime of a single SPDE syringe is 1500 injections, though can be higher if a clean matrix is used.

    By Chromtech Analytical Instruments GmbH based in Idstein, GERMANY. from Other Product line

  • QUES - Boiler Water Treatment System

    Ques Industries, Inc. has specialized in the manufacturing of high quality, expertly formulated chemicals for boiler water treatment. Our line of products increases the efficiency and life expectancy of a boiler system operating in virtually any demanding environment. We offer internal scale and corrosion, water sludge and dispersant, oxygen ...

    By Ques Industries Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

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