water resource Equipment in Nevada

  • Ionic Water Technologies - Model RCTS - Rotating Cylinder Treatment System

    Ionic Water Technologies’ Rotating Cylinder Treatment System™ (“RCTS“) efficiently, effectively treats contaminated mine water. The RCTS™ first successfully treated mine water containing ferrous iron concentrations of 5,000 to 7,000 mg/L in Nevada, USA in 2003. Today’s RCTS™ is repeatedly field proven to ...

    By Ionic Water Technologies, Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • Geothermal - Binary Plant

    Choice of a particular power plant design is based on a number of factors, with resource temperature being one of the most important considerations. In general, low to moderate temperature resources lend themselves to a binary application.

    By Geothermal Development Associates (GDA) based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • Geothermal - Dual-Flash Plant

    Resource conditions may allow consideration of a dual-flash plant. Substantially similar to a single-flash plant, a dual-flash plant is capable of utilizing more of the total flow from the reservoir than a single-flash plant. This increase in resource utilization comes with a corresponding increase in plant complexity and cost.

    By Geothermal Development Associates (GDA) based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • Combined Cycle Units (GCCU)

    Ormat Geothermal Combined Cycle Units (GCCU) are designed to generate power from high-pressure geothermal steam resources. When there are non-condensable gases present in the geothermal steam, our GCCU technology provides higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs and higher electrical output in comparison to conventional condensing steam power ...

    By Ormat Technologies, Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from Geothermal Power Product line

  • Geothermal - Single-Flash Type of Plant

    For those geothermal resources with a temperature generally above 190ºC, a single-flash type of plant is often the best economic choice. Higher temperature reservoirs will typically produce both water and steam under natural pressure. This two-phase flow is usually directed to a separator that allows the steam fraction to be piped to the ...

    By Geothermal Development Associates (GDA) based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • ElectraTherm - Power+ Generator - Waste Heat To Power Generation System

    ElectraTherm's Power+ Generator converts low temperature water flows (between 170°F/77°C and 252°F/122°C) into fuel-free, emission free power. The Power+ Generator output range is from 30-110kWe, based on temperatures and flows. The machine has low input requirements for its hot water supply relative to other ORC systems. The Power+ Generator's ...

    By ElectraTherm based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • Gradient - Geothermal Power Plant

    What is geothermal power? Simply put, it’s electricity that’s generated from the Earth’s heat.  There are a few more steps involved: converting heat into mechanical energy by turning a turbine, then connecting a generator that converts the mechanical energy into electricity. But that’s basically it.

    By Gradient Resources Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA).

  • S0LARPLUS - Solar Thermal Energy System

    BrightSource Energy’s proprietary solar thermal energy system is engineered to produce predictable, reliable and cost-competitive clean energy when needed most.BrightSource’s solar thermal energy systems generate power the same way as traditional power plants – by creating high temperature steam to turn a turbine. However, ...

    By BrightSource Energy, Inc. Office in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA).

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