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SnowPure - Model ExcellNano™ - Process Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes

by SnowPure Water Technologies     Office in Suwon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, SOUTH KOREA

SnowPure’s ExcellNano process nanofiltration (NF) membranes are uniquely designed for special process separations.

Kuriverter - Model RC Series - Rejuvenation Concept for RO Membranes

by Kurita     Office in Gyeonggi-do, SOUTH KOREA

Applications using Reverse Osmosis membrane technologies are everywhere in our lives – from tiny under counter units polishing our drinking water through industrial units preparing water for processes or purifying effluents for reuse and massive seawater desalination plants producing thousands of m³ of drinking and irrigation water ...


by Prima Atec Inc     based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Introduction PRIMA ATEC. INC. is a leading engineers, contractor, and manufacturer for the process industries. We are well known In the market as a leading supplier of the modern wastewater treatment systems, electro-chemical plants and biotechnology plants. The PrimaUltraCLEAN System is one of the most advanced water treatment plants, converting ...

Econity PF-90M

by Econity Co., Ltd.     based in Yongin-Si, SOUTH KOREA

The PVDF module is currently being manufactured and has been installed in sites across South Korea with outstanding results.  With its high tensile strength and chemical resistance, the module can be operated at a high flux to satisfy stringent industry standards.

UV Disinfection Units

by ECOSET CO.,LTD     based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Effective monitoring and complete automatic system enabling the easier operation, check up and remote control, very low head-loss hardly influencing the process hydraulics, flanges connected directly to pipeline, no need of extra construction of structure, automatic sleeve cleaning system eliminating the requirement of additional chemical cleaning ...

Purolite - Model S920Plus - Isothiouronium Chelating Resin

by Purolite Corporation     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Purolite® S920Plus is a macroporous polystyrenic based chelating resin, with thiouronium groups designed for the selective removal of mercury and for the recovery of precious metals from industrial effluents. Mercury is strongly bound to the functional groups to form highly stable complexes, with high selective affinity compared with those of ...

Purolite - Model S924 - Thiol Chelating Resin

by Purolite Corporation     Office in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Purolite S924 is a chelating resin, polystyrene based and designed for the selective removal of mercury. The mercury is strongly bound to the functional groups to form highly stable complexes with high selective affinity compared with those of other heavy metals. Even so the high selectivity for metals such as silver, copper, lead, cadmium, nickel ...

Enzymes for Biocatalysis

by Novozymes     Office in SOUTH KOREA

Novozymes offers a broad portfolio of enzymes for biocatalysis. Find out which benefits this may give you. In biocatalysis, natural catalysts - such as enzymes – are used in place of chemical catalysts in synthetic processes, opening more cost-effective and sustainable routes for the production of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ...

SWAN - Model AMI Codes-II HC - Chlorine Monitoring & Control System

by SWAN Analytical     Distributor in Hwasung, SOUTH KOREA

Complete Systems for the Automatic and Constant Measurement and Control of Elevated Chlorine Concentrations. Monitor AMI Codes-II HC for the measurement of Total Chlorine. Integrated pH-measurement and sample temperature monitoring. Designed for application in reuse water processing, wastewater and sanitation water. Process-photometer according to ...

Cambi - Biosolids Treatment - Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatment

by Cambi AS     Office in Gyeongg, SOUTH KOREA

Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatment Technology for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial Sludge. Cambi’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) is a proven and reliable technology that has been used around the world since 1995. THP has been implemented in existing and “green field” projects designed to ...

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