water storage equipment in Europe

  • Digmesa - Model FHK - Flow Sensor

    The Classicline FHK and FHKU are also available with a display to enable simple, direct monitoring of the flowing medium. This display can be integrated into the upper part of the device, or it can be delivered separately and connected via a cable. This device is ideal for applications such as checking for compliance with maintenance cycles in ...

    By Digmesa AG based in Ipsach, SWITZERLAND. from Flow Sensor Product line

  • EASYLOG - Model 40K and -40KH - Temperature Logger

    The loggers EASYLog 40K and -40KH are designed for long-term monitoring of temperatures, especially in production and server rooms as well as cold storage houses. EASYLog 40K and -40KH can be used for long-term recording of temperature. Up to 48,000 measured values can be stored. The combination of low power consumption and high battery capacity ...

    By Martens - member of the GHM GROUP based in Barsbüttel, GERMANY. from Temperature Logger Product line

  • Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor

    This easy to use sensor is ideal for indoor monitoring of temperature and relative humidity. It connects directly to the ezeio via Microlan, and can be combined with up to 20 other sensors on the same controller. The sensor is designed for indoor environments, such as data centers, class/conference rooms, storage facilities and industrial ...

    By eze System, Inc. Office in Stockholm, SWEDEN. from Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor Product line

  • BUCOtank - Model CGS - Corrugated Galvanized Steel Water Storage Systems

    Our BUCOtank water storage systems provide the ultimate solution for storage of drinking water. The system is based on rounded metal sheets of galvanized corrugated steel. The corrugation of the tank wall provides high strength and rigidity, resulting in a required thickness of only 0.8 to 2.0 mm. A synthetic fabric lining is hanging ...

    By Bucon industries B.V. based in Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS. from Corrugated Galvanized Steel Water Storage Systems Product line

  • Reverse Osmosis Equipment

    The precondition of molecular filtration - desalination - carried out with reverse osmosis membranes is that certain parameters of the water to be treated, such as suspending materials, iron, manganese, oxidants, organic materials, concentrations of microorganism cannot exceed the limit values required for the safe operation. In order to meet this ...

    By Hidrofilt Ltd. based in Nagykanizsa, HUNGARY. from Reverse Osmosis Equipment Product line

  • Model B12 - Wet Gas Detector

    Increasingly stringent air quality requirements have led to expanded use of wet scrubber systems to control air emissions. Chlorine storage facilities and chemical process plants are frequently required to scrub exhaust gas streams to remove halogen and acid gases. Unfortunately, monitoring reactive gas concentrations in moisture saturated air ...

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) Office in Delph, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wet Gas Detector Product line

  • Budget Sewage Pumping Station

    Sewage pumping stations are used when sewage dispersal cannot be achieved by gravity drainage on domestic sites, industrial estates, recreational grounds, sewage works and agricultural sites. The waste from the site will flow into an underground storage chamber, where it is then pumped into the main sewer, it will be automatically triggered and is ...

    By A & C Pumps Ltd based in Kent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Budget Sewage Pumping Station Product line

  • Kames - Work & Storage Rafts

    Storage: Kames offer a range of rafts from small wooden designs for freshwater or the small operator to large steel structures with capacities in excess of 40 tonnes.Work: Simple, easily maintained structures usually fitted with hydraulic power units (20 to 60 hp) which are capable of driving the raft via a stern leg and also can power a knuckle ...

    By Kames Fish Farming Limited based in Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM. from Work & Storage Rafts Product line

  • Guardian Wireless Monitoring System of Water Environment

    Guardian is a new wireless system for measuring and logging environmental data at fish farms: Oxygen, temperature, salinity and water current. The Guardian package includes sensor buoys, software and charging unit. The measurements are sent with GSM to a cloud based storage server. The software presents data on dedicated web-site for further ...

  • Fuel & Water Storage Systems

    We produce a wide range of systems for the temporary storage and delivery of fuel and water used in military, humanitarian and commercial applications. Our systems extend from a single tank to a full fuel farm, including project management, containing elements such as flexible tanks and bund liners.

    By Dunlop GRG - part of the Trelleborg Group based in Middleton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fuel & Water Storage Systems Product line

  • Duztech - Model A150 - Hand Held Wireless Remote Control System

    Fan motor rating 75 kW. Pump motor rating 3 kW. Current consumption 123 Amps. Throw 150 - 200 m. Dry weight 2 100 kG. Specified voltage 400 AC (380-415). Line connection L1-L2-L3-N-PE. Frequency 50 Hz. Control panel Start / Stop - Tilt up/down. Turn left/right - Auto turn on/off. Turn area setting. Remote control Hand held wireless remote control ...

    By Duztech AB based in Östersund, SWEDEN. from Hand Held Wireless Remote Control System Product line

  • FSP-Tech - Tank Showers

    FSP-Tech manufactures tank showers for the following applications: Installation site with no water supply or a constant water supply is not desired. Installation site has a unreliable water supply. Tempered water is required as part of health and safety policy. Whether it be for shipping piers, railway loading areas, unheated production areas or ...

    By FSP-Tech GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY.

  • Oxygen Sensor for O2 Measurements in Liquids

    Technical data and functions: Determination of the conditions of life for fish and microorganisms in waters and fish tanks, biological treatment of municipal and industrial waste water, storage of organic liquids, examinations of drinking water, control of corrosion processes in heating system lines, examination of quality-keeping of beverage.

    By Ahlborn Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH based in Holzkirchen, GERMANY.

  • Nicholson - Model GRP - Combined Hot Press Sectional Enclosures

    GRP Hot Press Sectional Enclosures are a tidy, cost effective solution for water storage. Manufactured from GRP making it a durable lifelong enclosure which includes a practical working space for water tank ancillaries including water pumps & electrical equipment, these enclosures are suitable for both internal and external applications.

    By Nicholson Plastics Ltd based in Kirkfieldbank, UNITED KINGDOM. from Combined Hot Press Sectional Enclosures Product line

  • Model KSE / KSV / KSW / KSP - Combination/Buffer Storage Tank

    This storage tank can be used as a buffer storage tank or, in combination with an integrated domestic water storage tank (steel or special steel), as a combination storage tank.Intended use preferably in solar and heating systems.Buffer storage tank made of high-grade steel S235JR or raw on the inside and with primer applied to the ...

    By Huch GmbH Behälterbau based in Werder b. Neuruppin, GERMANY.

  • The Fabekun Flushing Manhole

    The FABEKUN® Flushing Manhole reduces operating costs of water management companies! It is used in sewerage systems where deposits frequently cause smell nuisance, obstructions and even damage to pipe. This assembly unit is positioned onto an existing manhole base part (type A) just like a traditional manhole ring or - in the case of a new ...

    By Gebr. Fasel Betonwerk GmbH based in Nisterau, GERMANY.

  • GRINTEC - Model MSK3 - Multi Skimmer

    The Grintec Skimmer is a lightweight, compact, and portable system designed specifically to recover floating oil and other substances from the water’s surface. GRINTEC MSK3 Skimmer can recover up to 30 m3/h of oil, with an efficiency ratio of 98% free of water, eliminating expensive separation systems and the subsequent ...

    By Sorbcontrol s.l. based in Sant Pere de Ribes, SPAIN. from Multi Skimmer Product line

  • Waterlogic - Model WL Station - Premium Water Dispenser

    An exceptional office water station cleverly designed with built-in storage cabinet option and a counter-top perfect for a coffee machine. Available with Waterlogic dispensers guaranteeing water purity for a clean, healthy, refreshing drink. Cup after cup. Ideal for an all-in-one office drinks station. Compatible with WL 2500 (in-tank UV) or ...

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM. from Premium Water Dispenser Product line

  • Enduramaxx - Model 22000 Litre (172250) - Potable Water Tank

    This 22000 Litre potable water tank from Enduramaxx is designed for storage of potable water for emergency human consumption. These 22000 litre potable water tanks are also used in process and food industries. These potable water tanks are WRAS approved – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme conformance mark for the water tank in its entirety ...

    By ENDURAMAXX based in BASTON, UNITED KINGDOM. from Potable Water Tank Product line

  • Model 4L - Radial Electric Submersible Pumps

    Tipologia: Submerged. Range: for 4″ wells. Applications: Suitable for raising water from 4″ artesian wells and/or from storage tanks, in all situations of water provisioning, in the agricultural, industrial and domestic field. Performance range: Flow rate: from 10 to 70 l/min. Head: from 11 to 300 m. Power: from 0,37 to 3 kW.

    By Meccanica Industriale S.r.l. based in Pomezia (RM), ITALY. from Radial Electric Submersible Pumps Product line

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