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UV Systems for Domestic Water Supplies

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

The EN Range is the smallest range of UV units, making them ideal for domestic use.

Purofine - Model PFA444 - Removal of Organic Matter from Industrial & Domestic Water Supplies

by Purolite Corporation     based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Purofine PFA444 is a strong base anion exchanger with high operating capacity and the ability to operate in severe conditions. This product has a narrower particle size compared to the standard Purolite A444 for optimal performance. Purofine PFA444 is used to remove color causing organic compounds from water supplies and easily release those ...

Purolite - Model A444DL - Removal of Organic Matter from Industrial & Domestic Water Supplies - Layered Bed

by Purolite Corporation     based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Basic Features: Application - Removal of Organic Matter from Industrial & Domestic Water Supplies - Layered Bed, Polymer Structure - Gerl polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical Beads, Functional Group - Type 1 Quaternary Ammonium, Ionic Form as Shipped - Cl-

Purolite - Model A500P - Removal of Organic Matter from Industrial & Domestic Water Supplies

by Purolite Corporation     based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Purolite A-500P is a macroporous poly(vinylbenzyl-trimethylammonium) exchanger which has been designed for use as an organic scavenger, e.g. for the removal of tannins, fulvic and humic acids, from industrial and domestic water supplies. It will either replace, or be used as an adjunct to, the traditional carbon adsorbents in special applications. ...

Couplings for Water Supply Systems

by HEINRICH CANALISATION | Victor Heinrich Molsheim (VHM)     based in Molsheim, FRANCE

We offer a complete range of couplings that will enable you to solve all you network connection problems.

Pipes for Water Supply Systems

by HEINRICH CANALISATION | Victor Heinrich Molsheim (VHM)     based in Molsheim, FRANCE

We offer a complete range of pipes : cast iron, PVC pressure, bi-oriented PVC, PE.

EWO Dolomit - Model 1 to 6 inches - Water Supply Line Installation

by EWO Energie Wasser Optimierung     based in St. Martin, AUSTRIA

A water connection – no matter whether it is the kitchen, bath, washing machine or any other equipment. Even when you are under the shower you can let soft, vitalising water flow massage your skin. Reduce your reliance on detergents, chemicals and cleaning agents and help reduce the burden on groundwater and the environment. EWO Classic can ...

Azud Watertech - Model GW - Grey Water Recycling Plant

by Sistema Azud, S.A.     based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN

Grey water recyling. Grey water recycling plant AZUD WATERTECH GW DU, to treat water from showers, bathtubs and sinks to reuse in toilets and irrigation of green areas. Grey water come from showers, bathtubs and sinks. Greywater unlike wastewater (also called black, served or fecal), have a low concentration of organic matter and suspended solids, ...

Wilo-Jet - Model HWJ - Self-Priming Water-Supply Unit

by WILO SE     based in Dortmund, GERMANY

Ideal for outdoor applications (hobby, garden). Rust-free stainless steel prevents corrosion, even with prolonged service periods. Reduction of switch-on frequency and avoidance of fluid hammer, thanks to diaphragm pressure vessel with 20/50 l capacity. Electrical and hydraulic connections already in place, quick and safe to install.

XIonghua - Model XHPS-20P - Water Supply and Drainage Controller

by Changzhou Xionghua Tongtai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd     based in Changzhou, CHINA

XHST/20P the controller is designed for water supply and drainage . It is small in size and visual to display,easy to operate. With professional software knowledge, the user can modify the parameter directly to adapt to the different requirements of the work set.5 input points ; high level,median level ,low level and 2 fault signal4 output points ...

Water-supply Polyethylene Pipes

by POLYPLASTIC GROUP     based in Moscow, RUSSIA

Requirements for road transport in the Klimovskiy pipe plant. Loading segments to the vehicle (the requirements of the Klimovskiy pipe plant). HDPE pipes for water supply are intended for construction of water transportation pipelines, including drinking water, at temperatures from 0 to 40 ° C, in accordance with regulatory SNIP 3.05.04-85 ...

Deaerators and Water Supply Tanks

by IGEMA GmbH     based in Münster, GERMANY

The quality of the water supply that is required for operating steam boilers according to TRD 611 and EN 12952-53 should be softened in order to prevent the formation of limescale in the steam boiler. The boiler water supply may contain only a small proportion of dissolved oxygen or carbon dioxide. These gases may cause considerable corrosion ...

Water Supply System

by LUBING Maschinenfabrik Ludwig Bening GmbH & Co. KG     based in Barnstorf, GERMANY

The Main water supplies from LUBING incl. all components needed for an optimum water supply: the water-meter, the pressure reducing valve, the water filter and  the medicator.

Water Supply System

by Aruas Poultry Equipment     based in Yuncler, SPAIN

The water supply system is, along with the feed distribution system, vital to the harmonic and uniform development of the bird lot.

Water Supply System

by State Unitary Enterprise `Vodokanal of St. Petersburg`     based in St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” provides drinking water to the population of 4,600,000 people (as of 01.01.2010) as well as to companies and organizations of the city - 17,500 customers.

Pressure Probes on Water Pipelines

by KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik     based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND

Reliable pressure measurements in tough environments. Water distribution systems form the backbone of modern civilisation. Huge volumes of water have to be able to travel the long distance between their source and the end consumer efficiently and reliably. Not only can leaks in the distribution system lead to the valuable liquid being lost – ...

Central Concentrate Water Supply Device

by Hangzhou Tianchuang Environmental Technology Co.,LTD.     based in Hangzhou City,, CHINA

Part A: confecting solution components, multi-layer filter components, reservoir components, solution feed components, control system.Part B: The same as Part A.

Water Alert - Model SS-2100 - Water Leak Detector

by Dorlen Products Inc.     based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA)

Water Alert detector used to tie-into all Dorlen' Series 2100 Monitors. Used in applications where a Dorlen Series 2100 Monitor / Power Supply is desired.

Pure Water - Model C-60/75 - Distiller W/75 Gallon Storage

by Pure & Secure, LLC.     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

Specifications: Power requirements: 60 amp, 240 volt, 1 Ph AC 50/60. Heating elements (standard): Two 4,000 watt. Feed Water Quality: Softened water recommended. Feed Water Supply: Minimum 1/2” (1.27 cm) feed. Feed Water Supply Pressure: 30 PSI Minimum. Product Water Quality: Meets standard of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. Venting: Minimum ...

Water Supply And Wastewater Treatment Plants

by BiaPlas Air     based in Crossville, TENNESSEE (USA)

BiaPlas, with its unique Bia Q Tech technology have revolutionized the possibility for industry to comply with environmental obligations while demonstrating a system with superior performance, operating within the existing operating budgets and quite often considerably lower than the competitor.

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