water supply remote equipment in Europe

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    Fluence - Water Reuse System

    With water scarcity threatening many parts of the world, more municipalities and private companies are exploring ways to treat and reuse wastewater to help secure their water supplies. Fluence’s containerized ECOBOX™ water reuse system provides an affordable, plug-and-play solution that can be commissioned and start producing water ...

    By Fluence Corporation Office in Padova, ITALY. from Water Reuse System Product line

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    OTT - Water Quality Buoy

    The OTT measuring buoy is specially designed for operation in combination with the HYDROLAB HL7 or HL4 multiparameter sondes. It is equipped with a data acquisition and remote data transmission unit as well as a mains-independent solar power supply. Compared to conventional buoys, the multiparameter probe is mounted laterally in a pipe on the OTT ...

    By OTT HydroMet based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Water Quality Buoy Product line

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    AquaLogger - Model 2000 - Multiparameter Water Quality Logger

    The AquaLogger-2000 is designed to fit down 2” bore holes for remote data logging. The unit features programmable event triggers to increase logging rate if rapid changes occur. The supplied LoggerLink software enables logger configuration (data file and memory management, setting measuring intervals and event trigger configuration). Data ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Multiparameter Water Quality Logger Product line

  • Genaq - Nimbus - Model N 500 & N 4500 - Remote Supply Unit

    Do you need to bring water to isolated places where there is no water network? Generate your own water anywhere with GENAQ Nimbus remote supply units. Designed for high production capacities as stand-alone fixed device. Applications: Water for drinking, cooking, hygiene or  cleaning in remote residences or hotels, pure water for industrial ...

    By Genaq Technologies S.L. based in Lucena, SPAIN.

  • Model GRTS15 - Remote Tank

    Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic and Stainless Steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving a long life, and suitability for outside use. Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification. These units are ideal for areas where there is no water supply; interrupted water supply; low water pressure to guarantee correct flow ...

    By Showers & Eyebaths Services Ltd based in St Helens, UNITED KINGDOM. from Remote Tank Product line

  • Model Multi - H2O Water Supply Systems

    LUF's newest all-rounder of the water supply systems is the LUF Multi. This machine can be easily used for constructing as well as deconstructing a water supply over several kilometers and also for dewatering of flooded areas. The radio remote controlled machine, based on the LUF technology scores at locations, where the navigation of trucks or ...

    By LUF GmbH based in Thüringen, AUSTRIA. from H2O Water Supply Systems Product line

  • Model RAV - Remotely Actuated Valve

    Water supply companies daily face payment defaults for the provided services, leading to systematic cutting off and restoring service actions. When both the water distribution systems and the building networks are operating normally, to cut off the water supply is usually a simple and feasible task. Cut offs through an external shutoff valve ...

    By Tecnilab Portugal S.A. based in Lisboa, PORTUGAL. from Remotely Actuated Valve Product line

  • WCS - Water Control Systems - Mobile Monitoring

    “WCS - Water Control Systems” is a modular remote monitoring system for water supply systems, sewage, wastewater treatment plants, district heating plants and the environmental industry recording dynamical values and static state inquiries. Metering data and graphs can be monitored in real time, where e.g. water loss analyses in a ...

    By MTA Messtechnik GmbH based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA. from Water Control Systems - Mobile Monitoring Product line

  • MegaSecur - Model WA-Series - Temporary Coffer / Water supply Dam

    Water-Gate WA-Series can be used to quickly create emergency water supply / reservoirs for firefighters or instant temporary cofferdams. It uses a simple yet effective design to instantaneously divert, block, or contain water courses, small and medium size streams or contain water from aquatic area. Made of exceptionally strong materials, ...

    By MegaSecur Inc. Office in Créhange, FRANCE. from Temporary Coffer / Water supply Dam Product line

  • Water Miracle

    The Water Miracle is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications where a centralized drinking water supply is not available. Equipped with the Aquaflex 40 membrane module, the Water Miracle is designed to produce clean and safe drinking water either temporarily during special events, or as a more permanent solution in rural/remote camps, ...

    By Pentair X-Flow based in Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Paul - Water Filter

    paul is a water filter that ensures a fast supply of drinking water either in disaster areas or in rural areas. The device filters pathogens out of the water, making it drinkable and offering effective protection against cholera, typhus and other infectious diseases. paul can be carried by only one person as a backpack to remote areas since it ...

    By MARTIN Membrane Systems AG based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • Local Water Heaters

    The Heatstore range of local water heaters are available from 5l to 75l hot water capacity and are used to supply sinks and wash hand basins which may be remote from the main building services.

    By Hydraclean Ltd based in Skelmersdale, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Solar Water Pump

    ACSP solar pumping systems are specially designed for water supply and irrigation in remote areas where no reliable electricity supply is available. Factors such as extremely long life, unattended operation, easy installation and very low maintenance requirements are important in pumping systems, and solar systems are preferred over diesel ...

    By Sollatek (UK) Ltd based in Langley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Water Pump Product line

  • Blake Hydram - Powered Water Pumps

    Back in the mid 1800’s John Blake created a water powered pump that was capable of moving water from one place to another using only the energy contained in a flowing stream or river. Today, the Hydram is still as effective as ever and is capable of supplying water to remote houses or communities, provide water for livestock and allow ...

    By Allspeeds Ltd based in Accrington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Powered Water Pumps Product line

  • Hot and Cold Water Systems

    This device is intended to be retrofitted to an existing incoming cold water supply, cold water storage tank or hot water return to a calorifier, each unit when plumbed into a water system will analyse I litre of flowing water every minute. The main benefit of this remote unit is that it provides a continuous history with 1440 individual data ...

    By Waterman Environmental Services Limited based in Lichfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Water Treatment Truck

    Water purification vehicles with four-wheel drive 4x4 allow a fast and efficient way of treatment and transport of water, with a capacity up to 3 cubic metres of treated water. From a surface water spot, like a river, lake or pond, the water is carried and treated at the same time with a reduction process of suspended solids, oxidation of organic ...

    By Hidritec based in Gijón - Asturias, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Truck Product line

  • Q-SEWAGE - Flowmeter System for Waste Water

    Flowmeter system for waste water; 4 sensors; Path lengths: 0,8 to 10 meters. Number of sensors: 4. Measurement range: -10 bis +10 m/s. Accuracy v: < 0,1% im Messpfad. Accuracy Q: < 1%. Frequency: 200 kHz, explosion proofness. Housing: 330 x 235 x 190 (W x H x D), compact housing IP 65. Remote control. Remote data transmission: optional ...

    By Quantum Hydrometrie GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Flowmeter System for Waste Water Product line

  • Hirons - Boreholes

    As Water and Agricultural Engineers we have extensive experience in supplying and installing Boreholes and Pipelines for the supply of Water. Water Boreholes are not only useful for more remote locations where there is no nearby mains supply, but can potentially save significant sums of money compared with metered supplies.

    By P J Hirons Ltd based in Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 003 - Light Water Treatment Box

    The Trunz water treatment box TWB 003 light is the same unit as the standard TWB 003 but without feed pump. It provides approx. 1200 l of clean drinking water per hour from any non saline water source. The system includes automatic back flushing filtration and controls. An Ultrafiltration membrane removes all viruses and bacteria without requiring ...

    By Trunz Water Systems AG based in Steinach, SWITZERLAND. from Light Water Treatment Box Product line

  • ProactiveTest - Humidification Water Recycling System

    Humidification water recycling system: it consists of a PVC tank with indication and control of the water level. It can also work with non recycled water. Wheels: self- pivoting wheels Serial interface: RS 232 or RS 422 for connection to the remote control system (distances up to 15 and 1500 metres respectively). Port hole: 80 mm diameter, fitted ...

    By Proactive Test Solutions Ltd based in Tring, UNITED KINGDOM. from Humidification Water Recycling System Product line

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