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water toxicity equipment available in Northwest Territories

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    AppliTek Ra-TOX - On-Line Toxicity Analyzer

    The Ra-TOX is able to detect and measure wastewater streams that present an acute or chronic toxicity to the biomass of a treatment plant. This allows operators to take corrective measures to protect the viability of the waste water treatment plant, e.g. by storing the toxic water in a buffer tank. With a response time of 15 minutes, toxic ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from On-Line Toxicity Analyzer Product line

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    LAR - Model NitriTox - Online Toximeter / Toxicity Analyzer

    LAR's toxicity analyzer NitriTox continually monitors water treatment plants for pollutants. Potential toxins in water are determined through the reaction of highly sensitive bacteria. The measurements follow at intervals of less than 5 minutes. Thus allowing enough time to introduce countermeasures after the occurance of pollution. What's more, ...

    By LAR Process Analysers AG based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Online Toximeter / Toxicity Analyzer Product line

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    LAR - Model ToxAlarm - Toximeter for Drinking Water and Surface Water

    LAR's toxicity analyzer ToxAlarm continually monitors drinking and surface water for pollutants. Potential toxins in water are determined through the reaction of highly sensitive bacteria. The measurements follow at intervals of less than 5 minutes even after events of toxicity.

    By LAR Process Analysers AG based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Toximeter for Drinking Water and Surface Water Product line

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    ATN - Ammonia Degasser for NH3 Absorber Refrigerators

    Absorber type refrigerators using the cooling agent toxic ammonia (NH3) and toxic water containing antioxidants. Making these refrigerators a challenge to recycle. To safely and quickly de-gas en drain these units, ATN developed a one of a kind system for dealing with these kind of refrigerators and it's aggressive and toxic liquids.

    By ATN Engineering B.V. based in Stadskanaal, NETHERLANDS. from Ammonia Degasser for NH3 Absorber Refrigerators Product line

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    Yamato - Model CA301/801 - Cold Trap

    Efficiently traps water vapor and toxic substances discharged from vacuum oven and rotary evaporator to protect the vacuum pump.

    By Yamato Scientific America Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Cold Trap Product line

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    LAR - Model BioMonitor - BOD Analyzer for Controlling WWTPs

    LAR's BioMonitor is an online BOD analyzer for the determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), respiration and toxicity in waste water. Using BioMonitor, operators can control their waste water treatment plant in an optimal way.

    By LAR Process Analysers AG based in Berlin, GERMANY. from BOD Analyzer for Controlling WWTPs Product line

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    AdEdge - Model IX - Nitrate Reduction System

    Most nitrogenous materials in natural waters tend to be converted to nitrate, so all sources of combined nitrogen, particularly organic nitrogen and ammonia, should be considered as potential nitrate sources. Primary sources of organic nitrates include human sewage and livestock manure, especially from feedlots. The primary inorganic nitrates ...

    By Adedge Water Technologies, LLC based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Nitrate Reduction System Product line

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    Ex-Tec - Model GM 4 - Gas Warning and Gas Measuring Instrument

    Gas warning and gas measuring instrument for detecting toxic and flammable gases and oxygen. The ideal measuring device for gas and water suppliers, fire brigades, sewage plants, landfills, biogas plants and the chemical industry. The EX-TEC GM 4 is the perfect partner for both leak detection in pipelines and monitoring the atmospheric air as well ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in Gütersloh, GERMANY. from Gas Warning and Gas Measuring Instrument Product line

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    H2O - Chlorine Dioxide Technology - Chlorination Technology - Biofilm Control

    Chlorine dioxide(ClO2) is a technology which has been historically applied at large scale (recirculation) cooling water systems. Additionally, chlorine dioxide generators are being increasingly used as an alternative to chlorine generators in water treatment/disinfection processes, as they release lower quantities of toxic impurities into the ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. based in Bemmel, NETHERLANDS.

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    Impregnated Activated Carbons

    Impregnated activated carbons are mainly used for air cleaning. Standard activated carbons excellently adsorb volatile hydrocarbons. In case toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptane and ammonia are present, a specially impregnated activated carbon is required. The impregnation in combination with the carbon surface removes these ...

    By Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH based in Kirchhundem, GERMANY. from Impregnated Activated Carbons Product line

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    Chemtex - Mercury Decontaminant Powder

    For the reduction of toxic mercury vapor, HgX® is an inexpensive, water-soluble, nonhazardous, metallic-mercury/sulfide-converting powder with a chelating compound and dispersing agent. It reacts rapidly, forming a film over the finely divided, nearly invisible beads of mercury and reacting to produce a nonvaporizing sulfide. Further, HgX® ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Mercury Decontaminant Powder Product line

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    AppliTek Ra-COMBO - Laboratory Respirometric Analyzer

    The Ra-COMBO  is a renowned respirometric at-line analyzer for conducting semi-automated analysis on the biological activity of activated sludge. The system basically measures the respiration rate (expressed as mg O2/l.h), one of the most important parameters for the biological activity of activated sludge. The analyzer determines short-term ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from Laboratory Respirometric Analyzer Product line

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    Diamond - Model Tough - Advanced Formula Concrete Densifiers

    High performance water based non-toxic chemical treatment. Designed to harden, strengthen, stabilize, protect, and increases the mass & density of concrete structures. Penetrates the concrete producing an insoluble by-product that directly encapsulates the cementious properties of concrete. This process reduces the porosity, increases the ...

    By Draygon LLC based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Advanced Formula Concrete Densifiers Product line

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    Mighty Mike Bond-SORB - Odor Eliminator

    The management of odor is an important part of any commercial cleaning and restoration operation. Eliminates an unlimited variety of industrial malodors, the Mighty Mike Bond-SORB Odor Eliminator is an environmentally responsible, non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble, odor neutralizer to absorb and destroy odors on contact for the waste ...

    By BioMicrobics, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Odor Eliminator Product line

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    EcoBioClean - Model 100 COSW - Oil/Chemical Contamination Products

    This extraordinary patented Green Technology helps remediate crude oil in a fresh/salt-water environment along shorelines, and land, breaking crude oil down to tiny particles in seconds – making it easier and faster for indigenous microbes to eat! (Watch our video). The end-result is a bio-transformation suitable for aquatic and ground life ...

    By Jacor, LLC based in ILLINOIS (USA).


    IMBICATOR Pillows have been engineered to fully capture and contain hydrocarbon spills from slightly larger areas than our packets, reducing toxic vapor levels up to 600 times. Pillows are perfect for imbibing liquid spills from oil-water separators, manholes, roadway spill cleanup and sumps.

    By Imbibitive Technologies America, Inc. based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from IMBICATOR Pillows Product line

  • ENVIRO-SCRUB - Water Soluble

    Water based H2S, SO2, and lower chain mercaptan scavengers. We offer a variety of formulations to suit your needs depending on temperature and gas conditions. The Enviro-Scrub  series H2S scavengers and their reacted solutions are water-soluble, and form no solids. Most of the reacted solutions are readily biodegradable depending on additives ...

    By Q2 Technologies, LLC based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Water Soluble Product line

  • Ionyx - Textile Seal & Coat

    Unlike other stain repellent and treatments, water-based Textile Seal & coat does not emit toxic chemicals. Effectively repels liquids (like mud and pet stains), ink, oil, dirt, mud, food and beverage spills to prevent staining while protecting from fading due to UV exposure. Breathable, washable, durable, and fire neutral, and extremely long ...

    By WirxGroup based in Winlock, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • SpillAway - Model FleetKleen 10 Ltrs - Bio-degradable Degreasers

    FleetKleen is a new concept in the cleaning and degreasing of driveways, concrete floors, metal grating, cement and most solid surfaces. This product utilizes Bio-Remedial technology to literally eat grease, oil, and hydrocarbons off any hard surface. This process uses naturally occurring, harmless micro-organisms with specially formulated ...

    By EnviroLogic, Inc. based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Ionyx - Vinyl Floor Coat

    Protect vinyl floors and keep them in pristing condition with less maintenance, better results. Protects from buildup, stains, scuffs, scratches, spills, dirt, mildew, and more for pennies per square foot. Saves on water use because it cleans up with dry maintenance and the occasional damp mop. Worry-free Vinyl Coat helps you stretch your labor ...

    By WirxGroup based in Winlock, WASHINGTON (USA).

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