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TreatMent water treatment plant equipment

  • TreatMent - Electrodeionisation (EDI) Plant

    TreatMent EDI plant is a revolution in chemical-free water treatment. the process is unique, as you can know by means of softening,revers osmosis as well as EDI produce ultrapure water for instance for boiler feed plants with high pressure as well as plants with turbine operation.

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Electrodeionisation (EDI) Plant Product line

  • TreatMent - Skid-mounted Plants

    A water treatment solution consists of several treatment steps, e.g. filtration, softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis or ion exchange demineralization - all controlled from a central control cabinet. These units must be put together on site.

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Skid-mounted Plants Product line

  • TreatMent - Continuous Treatment Plants

    Plants of this type are used for production of demineralized water without use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Among other things they are used in boiler houses, district heating plants, hospitals, dialysis centers, and laboratories, for process water in the pharmaceuticals industry and the chemical industry as well as in connection ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Continuous Treatment Plants Product line

  • TreatMent - Wastewater Treatment from Red Meat Abattoirs

    The pollution load per animal depends on the species, animal's age, ambient temperature, transport & holding time (urine / manure production), stunning method, blood collection time, skinning / dehairing, guts / stomach cleaning, cut-up, meat processing (tumbling / injection / sausage making / etc.), further processing (battering / frying ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Wastewater Treatment from Red Meat Abattoirs Product line

  • TreatMent - Rental Plants

    Are you in need of softened, demineralized,ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis system for a limited period of time? TREATMENT offers a wide range of water treatment plants for rental to customers who need water treatment temporarily the plants are ready for us If you need water treatment right now, our plants are ready for shipment. All plants are ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Rental Plants Product line

  • TreatMent - Selective Ion Exchange

    Plants for treatment of certain types of metalliferous wastewater. This type of plant is used in industry where the residue of heavy metals is too large to observe the authorities’ requirements for wastewater disposal. Selective ion exchange is a supplement to a conventional treatment plant. Flow rates for standard modules: 0.5-10 m³/h. ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Selective Ion Exchange Product line

  • TreatMent - Media Filters

    This type of plants is used for treatment of groundwater and surface water typically for reduction of iron, manganese, ammonium and aggressivity in waterworks, companies and private households. Pressure filter plants can also be used for special fields of application such as dechlorination of water, reuse of process water, filtration of seawater, ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Media Filters Product line

  • TreatMent - Wastewater Package Plant

    Our waste water package Plant are containerized system for complete biological treatment of domestic wastewater and industrial.TREATMENT CFS Water is designing and manufacturing tailor-made waste water mobil pakage plants with high quality equipment. The effluent is free of microorganism and smell; it is usable for irrigation.

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Wastewater Package Plant Product line

  • TreatMent - Water Softeners

    Through softening the calcium and magnesium salts in the water are exchanged for sodium salts that do not cause the disadvantages of hard water. The method is used in industries and institutions for treatment of water for steam boiler plants and district heating plants, laundries, cooling towers, rinse processes, washing, dishwashing etc. Flow ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Water Softeners Product line

  • TreatMent - Container Plants

    In order to facilitate installation and transport major water treatment plants can be installed in a container in such a way that the plant can be commissioned in a very short time. Typically the capacity is 3 - 100 m³/h. Usually a container is equipped with a pressure filter,GAC filter, disinfection systems, softening plant,RO plant for sea ...

    By TreatMent based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Container Plants Product line

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