water treatment plant Equipment in Europe

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    ASTIM - Potable Water Treatment Plants

    Modular design, low power consumption, plug & operate installation and easy operation makes CPWTP a compact and well accepted choice for water treatment applications. CPWTP unit uses the fundamental water treatment processes; such as coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration. This enables simple and most economical procedures for ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Package Type Treatment Systems Product line

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    Intereco - Air Lift - Water Treatment Plant

    The equipment, to be installed in a cls tank is composed by the following: The aspiration pipe for bottom sand tank and it is completed with a sand discharge pipe. The air pipe to be connected to the blower. The washing pipe. The equipment is manifactured in hot galvanised carbon steel and all bolts and nuts are in stainless steel Aisi 304.

    By Intereco S.n.c. based in Candiolo (TO), ITALY. from Water Treatment Plant Product line

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    Citadel Biocat+ - Waste Water Treatment Plants

    The introduction of Citadel Biocat+ to waste water treatment plants can be a major factor in process improvement.

    By Citadel Environmental Solutions based in Chippenham, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Water Treatment Plants

    The need to protect the environment and to reduce pollution has lead companies, which use water in their aggregate washing plants, to treat effluent. The first step to reclaim all the water and treat the slurry content is to concentrate it and then dispose of it. Baioni Crushing Plants spa has designed an efficient clarification system which can ...

    By Baioni Crushing Plants Spa based in Monte Porzio, ITALY.

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    ENTA - Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plant

    ENTA Engineering , follows the technological developments, scientific studies and use these values for all of its project since its inception. The treated effluent certainly satisfies the legal quality quality standarts. Also in many different treatment plants that ENTA has built up, the effluent is used for irrigation of lawns.

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    Intereco - Model Rotoset Series - Dynamic Thickeners

    The unit is complete with vertical cylindrical reactor with impeller for a perfect sludge/polyelectrolite mixing, with a centrifugal filter cloth washing water pump, able to recycle the thickener filtrate, this to avoid water consumption and the increasing of the WWTP hydraulic head. The drum is driven by a motor gear reducer to control rotation ...

    By Intereco S.n.c. based in Candiolo (TO), ITALY. from Sludge Treatment Plant Product line

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    AWAS - Model MF/UF - Membrane Treatment System

    Membranes are used to clean strong emulsions and suit perfectly for treatment of coolants. Treatment of waste water with organic and ceramic membranes. The plants are either designed for automatic operation or semi automatic operation.

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY. from Ultrafiltration Plants Product line

  • Evac - Waste Water Treatment Plants

    The Evac range of advanced waste water treatment plants and membrane bioreactor systems includes standard units for smaller installations as well as tailor made units for bigger installations, such as cruise liners. All our systems meet the most stringent effluent regulations, both today and in the future.  We also supply physicochemical ...

    By Qua-Vac BV based in Almere, NETHERLANDS. from Waste Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Water Treatment Plants for Steel

    Water is life for the steel production. Water management has a strategic importance in an area where efficiency, material recycling and increasing of productivity ensure the company’s future. Move in an eco-friendly production and preserve natural resources are among the main objectives of steel sector. Simem is a one-stop solution for the ...

    By Simem based in Minerbe, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Model BIO-BEL and BIO-FIT - Waste Water Treatment Plants

    Solutions suitable for the kind and density of development in a given area are applied with regard to sewage treatment and disposal. In the case of densely built-up areas, a collective sewerage and wastewater treatment plant are justified, while in case of a dispersed development – individual waste water treatment systems. The solutions used ...

    By Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o. based in Gdansk, POLAND. from Waste Water Treatment Plant Product line

  • Water Treatment Plants for Textiles

    Textile industries have always been an important player in the world economy. Nowadays this industry faces greater demands from consumers and more pressure from buyers and competitors in a scene of ever-changing legislation. One of the main objectives is the implementation of solutions designed for an environmental-friendly industry. As the ...

    By Simem based in Minerbe, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Industrial Water Treatment Plants

    When it comes to dealing with domestic/industrial waste, no single solution can possibly meet every requirement. In fact, there is different treatment for every requirement and all depend on the characteristics of raw domestic/industrial wastewater.

    By Tech Universal (UK) Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Water Treatment Plants for Civil

    Pure water to drink and treated water for the discharge. Those are the need for every human community. Simem is producing a range of mobile plant, designed and realized with a kind of technology which assures quality, versatility and easy transportation. Simem mobile plant can suit perfectly the needs of small and medium size communities. The ...

    By Simem based in Minerbe, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • AQUASET - Block Water Treatment Plants

    Block water treatment plant AQUASET is an equipment for potable water treatment from rivers and wells. The capacity of this type of plant is able to provide communities from 700 to 7000 inhabitants with potable water.

    By INKOS CZ, s.r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Water Treatment Product line

  • OXYMOP - Model 6334 - Reinforced Water Treatment Plant

    The OXYMOP are water treatment plants with activated sludge developped in GRP tanks. They are composed by an aeration basin and a clarifier installated downstream from a primary decanter.

    By Simop based in Sainte-Mère-Eglise, FRANCE. from Wastewater Treatment- Water Treatment Plants Superior Product line

  • Flanged Water Treatment Plants

    The flanged plant silos are made up of various sections that are flanged up at the installation site; this type of plant are suitable for very large sized plants or where a non technical escort transport or container has been requested.

    By OMEC s.r.l. based in Chiampo, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Compact Water Treatment Plants

    The compact plant silos are made up of a continuous cylinder that rests directly on the ground without the need for the classical columns, providing storage space for the silo cone, the sludge discharge valves, the flocculent dosage station and the control panel at the base. The advantages are: less environmental impact, quickly installation and ...

    By OMEC s.r.l. based in Chiampo, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

    Galvatek has reliably delivered automated waste water treatment plants to locations across the globe for over three decades. The efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness of our plants are based on pioneering innovations and cutting-edge know-how. Every plant is built to meet the customer’s specifications and local ...

    By Oy Galvatek Ab based in Lahti, FINLAND. from Waste Water Treatment Plants Product line

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    DEVISE - Model UF-PACK - Ultra-Filtration Package System for Greywater Treatment and Wastewater Tertiary Treatment

    The UF-PACK is a system used for Greywater Treatment as well as Tertiary Wastewater Treatment for reuse applications. It is based on the ultrafiltration (UF) technology using low-fouling hollow fiber membranes and can provide high quality water effluent. It is unique due to its compactness, effectiveness, and ease of installation.DEVISE ...


  • Model WTP50 - Compact Water Treatment Plant

    The compact water treatment plant is designed for precipitation with aluminium sulphate, lamella settling, disinfection with chlorine, high lift pumping, polishing in sand filter and with hydrophore for control of pressure in the distribution system (optional extra)

    By Jan Falk Engineering AB based in STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. from Water Treatment Product line

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