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TR - Vertical Circulator and Mixed Flow Pump

by RUHRPUMPEN GmbH     Office in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

TR-Pumps are multi-purpose vertical centrifugal pumps with submerged pump part and internally arranged wet shafting for pumping clean and pre-cleaned liquids in industrial and municipal water supply, water treatment and pressure increasing plants, irrigation, sprinkler and drainage-pump stations, process water and cooling water circulation systems ...

Demon - Water Treatment System

by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

High concentrations of ammonia in effluent present a continuing problem for municipal wastewater plants and many industrial facilities. World Water Works’ DEMON® deammonification system can solve the problem.  DEMON® is an acronym for DEamMONnification. It

Myron L - Model 750 Series II - Conductivity/TDS Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     Distributor in OKLAHOMA (USA)

The unique circuitry of the 750 Series II Conductivity Monitor/controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift-free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

Myron L - Model 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers

by Myron L Company     Distributor in OKLAHOMA (USA)

The advanced “isolated” circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/ controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues.

Self Priming Pumps

by BakerCorp     Office in Moore, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Ideal Usage: Refineries, chemical facilities, waste water treatment plants, construction site dewatering.

Forkliftable Poly Tanks

by BakerCorp     Office in Moore, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Onsite movement of wastewater and volatile liquids in water treatment facilities, chemical plants and refineries. Stores material in less space than drums. Economical storage of corrosive liquids, most acids, and caustics

IDEAL - Model S-SELECT - Conventional Activated Sludge System (CAS)

by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) is the predominant wastewater treatment technology globally. One key requirement of this technology is the ability to effectively separate the liquid and solids fractions. Floating or bulking sludge, at least temporarily, has affected the treatment capacity and performance of many of these facilities. World


by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

World Water Works’ Equalization Tank design provides normalization of flow and consistency and provides a place for control of pH. WWW typically designs its equalization tanks with a minimum storage capacity of four (4) hours and as much as twenty-four (24) hours depending upon the wastewater characteristics of the plant. Fiberglass tanks ...

Model BZT - Waste Digester

by United-Tech, Inc.     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

One word that can be used to describe BZT Waste Digester is versatility. It is the environmentally safe solution for the biodegradation of a wide range of organic wastes. The success of BZT Waste Digester ranges from small restaurant grease traps to large multi-million gallon lagoons, complete wastewater treatment plants, and even ...


by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

The TOWER PURE system is an Automated Packed Bed Multi-Media Filter providing efficient removal of 95+% metal ions and bacteria. A proprietary blend of filter media provides the most cost effective and efficient means to achieve metals removal requirements, biological removal and chlorine removal. The unit is designed with an automated backwashing ...

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor MBBR process is a state-of-the-art fixed-film (or attached growth) biological process used for wastewater treatment both municipally and industrially for BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification.

Biological Oxidation System (TEAM)

by American Environmental Fabrication & Supply, LLC     based in Hulbert, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Carbon that is 'activated' undergoes a treatment that opens up millions of tiny pores to enhance the carbon material's adsorbent properties. The carbon treatment creates a very large internal carbon surface area, which is key to the filtration of activated carbon. With more surface area, the more the carbon can adsorb. One pound of activated ...

Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)

by World Water Works, Inc.     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) process is a state-of-the-art biological process used in treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters for BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification. The process is a hybrid of suspended growth and fixed-film (attached growth) process and may be viewed as a combination of Ac

Aardvark - Environmental Packers

by Aardvark Packers     based in Altus, OKLAHOMA (USA)

At Aardvark Packers, we design and manufacture a variety of inflatable packers used in Environmental applications.  As an example, we have looked at our manufacturing processes and developed a 1.70” OD fixed end packer that houses (3) 3/8” stainless steel pass thru tubes which can now be used for (four) injection or sampling zones ...

VersaBlack - Active- Activated Carbon

by SR2O Holdings, LLC     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

VersaBlack Active is a renewable virgin activated carbon.  Activated carbon is a porous material containing carbon, which has highly advanced pore texture and is an excellent adsorbent, per gram of activated carbon adsorption area as much as the equivalent of eight tennis courts. The adsorption of activated carbon is reached by physical ...

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