water well system equipment in Austria

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    OTT Hydromet - Model ecoLog 500 - Water Level Logger

    The OTT ecoLog 500 is a complete system for water level and temperature measurement. Designed for full deployment inside groundwater wells as well as surface water applications, the OTT ecoLog 500 offers data and alarm message transmission options via SMS, HTTP, FTP and e-mail, giving users flexible remote data access from their office.

    By OTT HydroMet Office in Katsdorf, AUSTRIA. from Water Level Logger Product line

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    OTT Hydromet - Model ecoLog 800 - Water Level Logger

    The OTT ecoLog 800 is a self-contained system for measurement of water level, temperature, and conductivity in groundwater and surface water applications. The ecoLog 800 features a complete in-well solution for groundwater measurement and flexible remote data transmission options.

    By OTT HydroMet Office in Katsdorf, AUSTRIA. from Water Level Logger Product line

  • SEIBOLD - Online Arsenic Analyser

    Arsenic is found in the atmosphere, in water, soils, sediments and organisms due to releasing by various industrial processes, mining or smelting and agricultural activities as well as a byproduct of coal combustion. Natural sources. Arsenic is found in more than 245 minerals.

    By SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA.

  • Online Analyser for Iron and Manganese

    This Instrument was developed and built for Drinking Water Industry. Drinking water. Iron may be present in drinking-water as a result of the use of iron coagulants or the corrosion of steel and cast iron pipes during water distribution. There is usually no noticeable taste at iron concentrations below 0.3 mg/litre, and concentrations of 1–3 ...

    By SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA.

  • Model Multi - H2O Water Supply Systems

    LUF's newest all-rounder of the water supply systems is the LUF Multi. This machine can be easily used for constructing as well as deconstructing a water supply over several kilometers and also for dewatering of flooded areas. The radio remote controlled machine, based on the LUF technology scores at locations, where the navigation of trucks or ...

    By LUF GmbH based in Thüringen, AUSTRIA. from H2O Water Supply Systems Product line

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Solutions for the cleaning of paint or glue washing water as well as oil emulsion and cleaing water respectively.

    By Sonnek Engineering based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

  • H2O Water Pump Modular System

    With the H2O water pump modular system, operation units can easily build up a water supply, even at inaccessible water intakes. The primary function of this machine is the supply of fire trucks, but it can be also used for the dewatering of underground garages or extensive basements, in cases of a floodwater. The system is driven by a 100 HP (73 ...

    By LUF GmbH based in Thüringen, AUSTRIA. from H2O Water Pump Modular System Product line

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    OTT Hydrolab - Model Quanta G - Multi-Probe Water Quality Meter

    For basic water quality spot measurements the Hydrolab Quanta multiparameter water quality sonde offers Hydrolab's sensor technology in a complete, cost-optimized system package that includes an easy-to-use handheld display. For basic water quality parameter spot measurements in groundwater wells, the Quanta-G offers Hydrolas sensor technology in ...

    By OTT HydroMet Office in Katsdorf, AUSTRIA. from Multi-Probe Water Quality Meter Product line

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    Promag - Model W 400 - Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System

    Sensor with EN ISO 12944 corrosion protection and state-of-the-art transmitter for Water&Wastewater. As a specialist with corrosion protection, Promag W is suitable for every application in the water and wastewater industry as well as for custody transfer. It is the ideal solution for direct underground installation or permanent underwater ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System Product line

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    Liquiline - Model CA80AM - Ammonium Analyzer System

    Colorimetric system for online monitoring of water and wastewater treatment. Liquiline System CA80AM offers high-precision ammonium measurement in all critical control points. As member of the Liquiline platform, it enables plug & play and easy upgrade to a measuring station - minimizing the installation effort. Automatic calibration and ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Ammonium Analyzer System Product line

  • DEPAC - Model TS Series - Thermosyphon System

    The DEPAC TS thermosyphon system TS is a simple and reliable supply system for double mechanical seals.It can be used not only for DEPAC seals but also for other makes of double seal.The barrier medium should be a low viscosity, well lubricating fluid which is compatible with the product and has a high boiling point and high specific heat ...

    By Depac Office in Schlins, AUSTRIA. from Thermosyphon System Product line

  • EKOLIT - Model X Series - Recycling System

    The new EKO-LIT series, which we launched in 2002, is the most economical and efficient recycling system we have ever developed.   It brought several significant advantages which we would like to briefly point out : With the EKOLIT system we remove suspended solids by a two stage process. a) By hydro-cyclone to remove larger particles. ...

    By FREYLIT Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA. from Recycling System Product line

  • Washout System

    Residual concrete and washing water containing solids and active cement are created in every concrete plant. Immediate processing allows the problem-free return of these substances to the material flow and recycling. Recycled, residual concrete can provide up to two per cent of overall plant production and using the KSW system the waste products ...

    By Albatros Engineering GmbH based in Herzogsdorf, AUSTRIA.

  • UV Water Sterilizers

    This line includes 20 models, always availables in stock, with performances ranging from 200 to 160.000 lt/h in a single module. Their main feature is to have hydraulic components absolutely apart from the electrical ones. Such appliances are extremely versatile and can be easly installed and thank to their minimum size they can be placed either ...

    By KRENN Umwelttechnik based in Feldbach, AUSTRIA.

  • Reaxan - Model II - Compact Disinfection System

    The compact disinfection system, Cillit Reaxan II, is the perfect preventative measure in the fight against Legionella in drinking water systems and of course complies with all the legal stipulations. It is extremely effective, regardless of the pH value of the water, and works steadily and effectively also to inhibit the formation of biofilm. The ...

    By Cillit Water Technology Group Office in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Compact Disinfection System Product line

  • Logotronic - QTRACE - Discharge Measuring System

    Two methods are commonly used for routine discharge measurements on surface water: - Current meters - Dilution gauging For dilution gauging we offer our measuring system QTRACE. This system was especially developed for the commonly used salt-tracer-dilution method. This measuring methode is used in high gradient channels. At such locations it is ...

    By Logotronic GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from QTRACE - Discharge Measuring System Product line

  • Sommer - Model TQ-S - Mobile Discharge Measurement System

    Mobile discharge measurement system for turbulent rivers with unknown cross-section profile - Salt Tracer. The discharge measurement is performed by using the well-established tracer-dilution method. The system can be deployed in turbulent rivers, creeks or waters for which data regarding the cross-section profile are not available or unknown. It ...

    By Sommer Messtechnik based in Koblach, AUSTRIA. from Mobile Discharge Measurement System Product line

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    multi X - Model 2500 - AOX/TOX Analyzer

    In environmental monitoring as well as in process and quality control, the determination of organic halogens which can be adsorbed by activated charcoal is very important for the evaluation of water and waste water. With the multi X 2500, Analytik Jena provides a flexible, future-oriented system for sum parameter analysis that meets the ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Pöttelsdorf, AUSTRIA. from AOX/TOX Analyzer Product line

  • Disposal Engineering

    Ready to use drinking water filling and excrements exhaust systems für railway passenger cars, busses and boats. Available in mobile or fixed version as well as a central multiuser plant.

    By Sonnek Engineering based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

  • Level Sensors

    Designed for harsh environments: The level sensors of the MPx series are robust and durable. These advanced piezoresistive pressure transmitters deliver a variety of measurements, such as surface water levels or well levels, and are a perfect addition to the Rittmeyer measurement systems.

    By Rittmeyer - a company of the BRUGG Group Office in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

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