water well system equipment in Denmark

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    Eldan - Model WST - Water Separation System

    The Water Separation System is a cost effective solution to recover metal dust and fine wires from the plastic fraction after the metal separation. By using a well-balanced combination of water, table inclination and oscillating movements you will get an almost clean plastic fraction with metal losses as low as 0.2%. The metal fraction will have a ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Water Separation System Product line

  • Sunstone - Public Water Systems

    Public water systems add disinfectants such as chlorine to protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms. These disinfectants also react with bromide and natural organic matter (NOM) in the water to form disinfectant by-products. The US EPA and the WHO (among other regulatory entities) have identified groups of assigned maximum contaminant ...

    By Sunstone Water Group Europe ApS based in Vejle C, DENMARK.

  • AQSep - Small Water Desalination Systems

    Nordic Technologies A/S is supplying small water desalination systems with record low energy consumption, hence one of the smallest carbon emission footprints in decentralised water supply systems, to the convenience of modern life as well as to a safer and cleaner environment.

    By Nordic Technologies A/S based in Ry, DENMARK.

  • Chillers System

    After H2S removal the gas is fully saturated with water; the relative humidity (RH) is 100%. If water droplets should reach the cylinder heads and combustion chambers the water will destroy the oil film. This will lead to increased wear of moving parts as well as substantial reduction of the lifetime of the engine oil. Therefore, it is necessary ...

    By Biogasclean A/S based in Odense, DENMARK.

  • Pump Systems

    We are always using well-proven and high-quality products and usually the pumps are from Grundfos, since they have fulfilled these requirements. Solar pumps are the best solution when there is no grid nearby. A solar-powered pump retrieves water when it is mostly needed and can be used with or without batteries.

    By Danish Solar Energy Ltd. based in Holeby, Lolland, DENMARK.

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    Liquiline - Model CA80AM - Ammonium Analyzer System

    Colorimetric system for online monitoring of water and wastewater treatment. Liquiline System CA80AM offers high-precision ammonium measurement in all critical control points. As member of the Liquiline platform, it enables plug & play and easy upgrade to a measuring station - minimizing the installation effort. Automatic calibration and ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Søborg, DENMARK. from Ammonium Analyzer System Product line

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    Promag - Model W 400 - Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System

    Sensor with EN ISO 12944 corrosion protection and state-of-the-art transmitter for Water&Wastewater. As a specialist with corrosion protection, Promag W is suitable for every application in the water and wastewater industry as well as for custody transfer. It is the ideal solution for direct underground installation or permanent underwater ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Søborg, DENMARK. from Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System Product line

  • Aqua - Primary Treatment System

    The purpose of primary treatment, also referred to as pre-treatment, is the removal of large dirt particles as well as settleable and suspended solids from the water. Larger particles are removed by a filtration unit, while settleable particles and fat are removed from the water by a flotation tank. Flotation allows for pollution to be removed in ...

    By Marel Water Treatment B.V. Office in Holbaek, DENMARK. from Primary Treatment System Product line

  • DESMI - District Cooling System

    District Cooling is a highly cost efficient and environment friendly utility service, which provides chilled water from a centralized cooling plant through a network of pipes to multiple residential, industrial and commercial buildings for air conditioning purposes. District Cooling is simple and clean. DESMI provides energy efficient pumping ...

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from District Cooling System Product line

  • Green Nutrients Recovery Systems

    Nutrient recovery from wastewater has been receiving growing interest, driven by stringent nutrient discharge limits from Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) and by the potential for valorization of the recovered nutrients, e.g. for application as fertilizers, which can represent an additional revenue source to WWTP operators. The NUTREC project ...

    By Green Aqua Solutions ApS based in Hobro, DENMARK.

  • Industrial Pumps

    Representing a large number of innovative and reliable suppliers we offer a wide range of solutions – from fast delivery of one single pump to participation in large-scale projects. We have been partners in several projects, including transport of chemicals, cake dough, sludge etc., as well as waste water and flue gas treatment systems.

    By V. Løwener A/S based in Glostrup, DENMARK.

  • Saacke - Model TF-DDZG 100-500 - Duoblock Steam Atomiser Ultra Low-NOx Burner

    The SAACKE steam atomising burner is an injection atomiser with a wide control range. The SAACKE TF burner (free-jet burner) is the result of the latest development of a low NOx combustion system designed for use at water tube boilers. These free-jet burners represent an advancement of the well proven SAACKE DDZ(G) series burners, and basic ...

    By Varmodan A/S based in Vojens, DENMARK. from Duoblock Steam Atomiser Ultra Low-NOx Burner Product line

  • ONY Line - Robust Ozone Generators

    The ONY are robust ozone generators that have all necessary parts integrated, and only need power to create high output with high concentration. The ONY integrates all parts to produce high concentration of ozone and release it through a PTFE tube. Its internal compressor and oxygen concentrator as well as its air cooling system makes it a ...

    By INFUSER based in København N., DENMARK.

  • Sorbisense - Source Tracking Kit

    Source Tracking Kit is a kit that is particularly suitable for installation in small wells or in wells with only periodic flow.  The Source Tracking Kit allows you to select the optimal mounting solution for each well depending on water flow and materials in the water and allows you to quickly get an overview of periodic discharges its way ...

    By Sorbisense A/S based in Tjele, DENMARK.

  • LESNI - Catalytic and Thermal Oxidisers

    LESNI has extensive experience in the design and supply of air and liquid thermal oxidisers which safely and effectively destroy waste air laden with solvents from a diverse range of industries. We design and supply turnkey packages including catalytic oxidisers, regenerative oxidisers with two, three or five canister oxidisers, as well as waste ...

    By Lesni A/S based in Billund, DENMARK.

  • Model RTU - Pump Controller

    The perfect pump controller will lower your operating costs. You will get lower power consumption, longer lifetime of the pump and better utilization of the sewer system and wells. A modern MJK RTU Pump Controller, not only just activate pumps – it is an intelligent, programmable device, which among many standard features, uses the ...

    By MJK Automation - a Xylem brand based in Birkerød, DENMARK. from Pump Controller Product line

  • Water Wells Level Measurement System

    Level measurement is of paramount importance as it provides information on the behaviour of the well and pumping equipment. A suitable measurement and data analysis enables proactive identification of when the well requires preventive maintenance work due to increased deterioration of the grooved well casing. The greater the incrustation, the less ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik Distributor in Viby J, DENMARK. from Water Wells Level Measurement System Product line

  • Wireless Groundwater Monitoring System

    The GSM-2 module allows the data transfer via GSM i / GPRS i by using SMS, FTP i or Email communication. Furthermore, the collected data is saved in a buffer with a capacity of 57’000 samples, which additionally increases the security of the collected data. The barometer installed inside allows using a capillary free, extremely stable ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik Distributor in Viby J, DENMARK. from Wireless Groundwater Monitoring System Product line

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    LAR - Model QuickTOCairport - TOC Analyzer for Airport Applications

    Surface water and de-icing waste water should be continously monitored - from an ecological as well as economic point of view. By using reliable online measurement systems high waste water charges can be avoided.LAR's QuickTOCairport is the ultimate online TOC analyzer for the determination of total organic carbon (TOC) for water at airports.

    By LAR Process Analysers AG Distributor in DENMARK. from TOC Analyzer for Airport Applications Product line

  • Monitoring Territorial Waters System

    Six of the organization’s regional departments are using autonomous hydrological systems comprising of KELLER PAA-36 X W hydrostatic level probes as well as GSM i -2\GSM-2 BOX modules for automatic data registration and transfer.

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik Distributor in Viby J, DENMARK. from Monitoring Territorial Waters System Product line

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