water well system equipment in Greece

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    S.sensing Matrix System

    Kurita launched a new modular analyzer system, especially designed for cooling water applications. This integrated system with its range of different controllers and analyzers allows to fit S.sensing MX to practically any application and need. At the same time it is only installed what is really needed at the customer site. The selection of ...

    By Kurita Office in Metamorfosi, GREECE.

  • Vitone MR. OIL - Model V2700 - Automatic Oil-Water Separator System

    Mr. Oil’s Separation Group optimizes oil clarification and vegetation water de-oiling before its discharge, whether in individual processing as well as third party processing. The Group is made up of a V 2700 model separator with automatic discharge of debris . V 2700 features high resistance stainless steel drum, high number of serial ...

    By Vitone Eco S.r.l. Office in Krestena Ilias, GREECE. from Automatic Oil-Water Separator System Product line

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    Liquiline - Model CA80AM - Ammonium Analyzer System

    Colorimetric system for online monitoring of water and wastewater treatment. Liquiline System CA80AM offers high-precision ammonium measurement in all critical control points. As member of the Liquiline platform, it enables plug & play and easy upgrade to a measuring station - minimizing the installation effort. Automatic calibration and ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Athens, GREECE. from Ammonium Analyzer System Product line

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    Promag - Model W 400 - Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System

    Sensor with EN ISO 12944 corrosion protection and state-of-the-art transmitter for Water&Wastewater. As a specialist with corrosion protection, Promag W is suitable for every application in the water and wastewater industry as well as for custody transfer. It is the ideal solution for direct underground installation or permanent underwater ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Athens, GREECE. from Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System Product line

  • Scalewatcher - Radiator Protection System

    In tropical countries, usually anti freeze or anti corrosion liquids are not mixed with water for radiators of automobiles, buses or trucks. Well water is used instead. The result is that often after one year the radiator has to be replaced because of corrosion and/or scaling. What is more, scaling causes a lower heat transfer. The engine will ...

    By Scalewatcher North America Inc. Office in GREECE.

  • BioBlock - Compact System of Biological Treatment

    BioBlock is a compact system of biological treatment, accomplishing the requirements of sewage treatment from small settlements and hotels up to big Municipalities and industrial applications. The design and the development of BioBlock were supported to the long-lasting experience of ENVITEC S.A. in the sector of wastewater treatment. The target ...

    By ENVITEC A.E. based in Attica, GREECE.

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    DEVISE - Model UF PACK - Ultra-Filtration Package Systems for Greywater Treatment and Wastewater Tertiary Treatment

    The UF-PACKTM is a system used for Greywater Treatment as well as Tertiary Wastewater Treatment for reuse applications. It is based on the ultrafiltration (UF) technology using low-fouling hollow fiber membranes and can provide high quality water effluent. It is unique due to its compactness, effectiveness, and ease of installation.DEVISE ...

    By DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A. based in Athens, GREECE.

  • PULSAR - Electric Submersible Pumps

    The PULSAR electric pumps are used in systems for lifting clear water from wells, collecting tanks, septic tanks, Roman wells and watercourses and are suitable for providing pressurised water in domestic systems, small-scale farming and sprinkler systems for gardens and vegetable gardens. The pump is particularly silent and is installed inside ...

    By Marco Pumps SA - P.Marcomichalis & Son SA based in Piraeus, GREECE. from Electric Submersible Pumps Product line

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    Contraspum - Foam Control and De Aeration Solution

    Contraspum provides lowest air content, undisturbed sheet formation, smooth operation in wet end and surface. Our offerings contain water-based emulsions and concentrated defoamers for foam and air control in stock systems, wet end as well as in sizing and coating applications. All products are non-polluting, free of APEO and mineral oils and ...

    By Kurita Office in Metamorfosi, GREECE. from Foam Control and De Aeration Solution Product line

  • Model Ebara Idrogo, Multigo series - 5` Submersible Centrifugal Multistage Pump

    5' submersible centrifugal multistage pump made of stainless steel AISI 304 and noryl, suitable for the movement of clean water from wells, tanks for irrigation systems. The double mechanical seal ensures long life and improved reliability. There is no need for a starter box as the capacitors are installed in the pumping unit allowing a neater ...

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    OTT Hydromet - Model ecoLog 800 - Water Level Logger

    The OTT ecoLog 800 is a self-contained system for measurement of water level, temperature, and conductivity in groundwater and surface water applications. The ecoLog 800 features a complete in-well solution for groundwater measurement and flexible remote data transmission options.

    By OTT HydroMet Distributor in Metamorphosis, GREECE. from Water Level Logger Product line

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    OTT Hydromet - Model ecoLog 500 - Water Level Logger

    The OTT ecoLog 500 is a complete system for water level and temperature measurement. Designed for full deployment inside groundwater wells as well as surface water applications, the OTT ecoLog 500 offers data and alarm message transmission options via SMS, HTTP, FTP and e-mail, giving users flexible remote data access from their office.

    By OTT HydroMet Distributor in Metamorphosis, GREECE. from Water Level Logger Product line

  • Suction Sweeper

    Sweeper type SA 250 manufactured in Italy. With high performance, suitable for cleaning streets, squares, flower-beds, manholes. With a front telescopic and two rear rotating brushes and a high suction lipping. The waste collection bucket has a capacity of 2.50m3 and a shower system on the brushes with a water tank of more than 1000lt capacity. ...

    By RAM EUROPE based in ORCHOMENOS, GREECE. from Suction Sweeper Product line

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    OTT Hydrolab - Model Quanta G - Multi-Probe Water Quality Meter

    For basic water quality spot measurements the Hydrolab Quanta multiparameter water quality sonde offers Hydrolab's sensor technology in a complete, cost-optimized system package that includes an easy-to-use handheld display. For basic water quality parameter spot measurements in groundwater wells, the Quanta-G offers Hydrolas sensor technology in ...

    By OTT HydroMet Distributor in Metamorphosis, GREECE. from Multi-Probe Water Quality Meter Product line

  • Model FL16 - Water Flow Loggers

    Global Water's FL16 Water Flow Logger revolutionizes flow data collection for applications such as inflow & infiltration studies, stormwater and wastewater collection systems, open channels and a host of other gravity flow systems. The FL16 Water Flow Loggers will record over 81,000 depth, temperature, water flow and velocity readings in sewer ...

  • A15/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitor

    Sulfides can be found naturally in well water and can build up in wastewater collection systems due to anaerobic conditions that frequently occur. They are also used in mercury removal processes and are frequently found in tanning wastes. In drinking water systems, sulfides cause taste and odor problems. In wastewater systems, they can cause ...

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) Distributor in GREECE. from A15/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitor Product line

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    Sierra FastTrak - Model 730 - Fast-Response, Ultra-Stable Mass Flow Meter

    Designed for applications that require fast response and low flow sensitivity, the 730 FastTrak is an industry proven work-horse that provides +/- 1.0% of full-scale accuracy, and +/-0.2% of full-scale repeatability over a wide temperature and pressure range. With a very small footprint, 6.4: x 1.1 with a 3.1” to 5” F/B, the in-line ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. Distributor in Moschato, GREECE. from Fast-Response, Ultra-Stable Mass Flow Meter Product line

  • Smartrack - Model MF/UF - Rack System

    Smartrack is the only flexible rack for high-purity water production with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules capable of varied dimensions as well as different connections.

  • Seamless Hybrid System

    Our system works equally well in open (liquid one time through) and closed (liquid recirculation) modes while seawater and alkali is used to regulate the sulfur trapping efficiency in both modes. The EGCS can operate in all types of water (including low alkaline and saline water) in either mode and without loss of efficiency. When choosing the ...

    By Clean Marine AS Distributor in Ikonio Perama, GREECE.

  • AQUAZURA - Cleaning Sweeper Systems

    The AQUAZURA cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, soaping, scrubbing, recovery and recycling of the waste water. All these actions combined into one machine ensure the AQUAZURA is unrivalled in its abilities. Associated with a 'clean' vehicle, with a low noise level, the ECO-WASHING® method is non-aggressive to the environment and ...

    By Mathieu S.A. - FAYAT group Distributor in ATHENS, GREECE.

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