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waterway cleanup equipment

  • Intermodal Roll-Off Boxes

    Highway, waterway, and railway transport. Large environmental clean-up projects. Stores sludge and solid waste. Most offer 4-wheel maneuverability. Gasketed door with rear door binders for full compression sealing. 

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Intermodal Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • Gold Crew - SW

    ECS's Gold Crew SW is an EPA listed product for use in conjunction with spills on navigable waterways. Gold Crew's surfactants water-solublize and desorb the oils entrained in vegetation as well as strip the oil from various cobbles and bulkheads. GC-SW then allows the oil to release with the wash water. Gold Crew's surfactants keep the oil ...

    By Environmental Chemical Solutions based in Gig Harbor, WASHINGTON (USA). from SW Product line

  • Contaminant Absorbents

    The IMS ER Vehicle brings to the scene a variety of absorbent materials necessary for pavement, soil and waterway containment of fluid spills. Oil dry is used for puddling fluid spills while other absorbents are used for broad area cleanup as well as final sweeping to leave the incident scene for traffic to pass safely. Boom and pads are used when ...

    By Incident Management Solutions (IMS) based in Minneola, FLORIDA (USA).

  • HTP - Transportable Emergency Oil Spill Response Kit

    HTP Spill Kits will transform any oil or petroleum liquids into a fluffy, dry substance immediately upon contact. The only spill kit designed for field spills on roadways, soil, grass, troughs, waterways, wet surfaces, in rainy conditions and on ice and snow. On any surface under any weather conditions.

    By American Products Enterprises Corporation based in Woodstock, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model SKM660 - Mobile 660 Marine Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

    Spill Kit type: Oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents & other petroleum products. Application: Use around waterways, marinas, sailing clubs, ports and decks of ships - ideal for those who need big spill capability. Absorbent capacity: Up to 875 litres. Spill Kits are available in an extensive range of sizes and types to ensure a 'fit for ...

    By Global Spill Control based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Mobile 660 Marine Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Product line

  • Enviro-USA - Oil Only Polypropylene Absorbent Booms

    Enviro-USA’s Oil Only Polypropylene Absorbent Booms  are your best solution to deal with oil spills on land or water. Simply place the absorbent boom around the spill to keep it from spreading and to allow the absorbing process to start immediately. Sections can be linked together to contain a large spill or span waterways. ...

    By Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC based in Cocoa, FLORIDA (USA). from Oil Only Polypropylene Absorbent Booms Product line

  • Weedoo - Model A-1464 - Oil/Chemical Skimmer Belt

    Weedoo Oil Skimmer Belt Option for AquaHarvester™ model workboat.  Ideal for chemical clean-up in shallow waters and along shorelines. The A-1464 kit includes oil/chemical skimming belt designed to skim oil/chemicals and separate from water. Weedoo battery powered 170-OIL belt extractor/bagger system is for hi-speed recovery ...

    By Weedoo Greenboat Inc. based in West Palm Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • OPEC - Oil Spill Response Units

    Various emergency response equipment has been specifically designed by OPEC to cope with small- to medium-sized oil spills. Using these units, trained personnel can respond quickly and efficiently to minimise the impact of an oil spill.

    By Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd based in Batley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Spill Response Units Product line

  • Roll-Off Boxes

    BakerCorp roll-off boxes provide the perfect solution for any solids containment requirement. From Dewatering Boxes to efficient separators, any application that requires the maintenance or transportation of hazardous waste can rely on these flexible boxes. With the widest variety of boxes and separators in the industry, BakerCorp is the company ...

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Roll-Off Boxes Product line

  • HTP - Oil Absorbent & Encapsulator (Organic)

    HTP is a 100% organic, environmentally safe, and water repellent product that will turn any petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact. You can just sweep it up!

    By American Products Enterprises Corporation based in Woodstock, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • OPEC - Model SB8/10 & SB3/4 - Oil & Chemical Adsorbent Booms

    Two standard sizes are available: SB 8/10 - Nominal 8” wide and 10’ long, SB _ - Nominal 3” wide and 4’ long. An OPEC Sorbent Boom is a ‘fibre filled woven fabric that has been stitched closed’. This basically means that the fibre filling adsorbs the oil while allowing the water to pass through, effectively ...

    By Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd based in Batley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil & Chemical Adsorbent Booms Product line

  • Model PRP - Powder for Hydrocarbon Spill

    PRP Powder for hydrocarbon spill clean up on oil, fuel and other liquid petroleums. PRP Powder is especially well adapted for land, water and hard surface petroleum spills in areas such as industrial plant settings (such as cooling ponds and tanks), shorelines – whether rocky or sandy – marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells/oil fields, ...

    By Universal Remediation Inc based in Pittburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Enviro-USA - Model 19 Inch - Marina & Port Standard Oil Containment Boom

    6″ freeboard and 12″ draft Available with or without a top tension cable. 19″ Oil Containment Boom is the most common used size for first response and long term oil spill clean-up. Widely used by contract emergency response companies. Works well in Ports, Marinas, Bays, Harbors, inlets and just about any inland body of water.

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