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wear protection equipment available in New Mexico

  • KERAFLEX - Wear Protection Systems

    KERAFLEX wear protection systems are a combination of KALOCER High Alumina Ceramics or KALMETALL-W hard overlay welded plates vulcanized onto rubber mats for a wear resistant surface. Mechanically attached to a steel structure using studs or bolts, the composite lining has a maximum application temperature of 80°C /176°F.

    By Kalenborn Abresist Corporation based in Urbana, INDIANA (USA).

  • Ferobide Wear Protection

    TENMAT initially developed innovative FEROBIDE wear protection over 8 years ago to resolve the major limitations of traditional tungsten carbide materials often used on Agricultural Machinery Points. FEROBIDE has experienced successful development at TENMAT’s in-house R&D technical laboratory alongside positive field testing across all ...

    By Tenmat ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ferobide Wear Protection Product line

  • Wear Protection Parts

    As a result of longer life-time, and therefore longer service intervals; our high-performance ceramics provide considerable advantages in comparison to metallic materials in terms of abrasion and corrosiveness. Our production is flexible and customer-friendly; therefore, we can manufacture suitable ceramics according to specific customer ...

    By H.C. Starck Ceramics GmbH based in Selb, GERMANY. from Wear Protection Parts Product line

  • Contex - Wear Protection for Mills

    Long-lasting and economical components and plant parts are indispensable in raw material grinding. For this reason Contex GmbH is constantly developing its products. Many mill operators and their machine suppliers have been persuaded of the quality of Contex replacement parts. So for instance mill belts, mill buckets and the mill cladding are ...

    By Contex Hartmetall Verschleißtechnik GmbH based in Mönchengladbach, GERMANY.

  • KenCast - Unique Tungsten Carbide & Steel Composite For Superior Wear Protection

    Featuring Kennametal carbide technology to ensure maximum performance, the KenCast range of wear production products from Kennametal offers superior wear resistance for significantly reduced operating costs. Kencast is: Easier to apply and tougher than brazed-on solid carbide tiles. Longer lasting and easier to apply than hardfacing material. More ...

  • KALCOR - Zirconium Corundum Wear Protection

    Zirconium corundum wear protection resistant to high temperatures and frictional wear. The cast ceramic material KALCOR has proven effective for lining plant components that are subject not only to extremely harsh abrasion, but also high or fluctuating temperatures, for example in chutes for hot sinter or clinker, in hot gas pipelines or in dust ...

    By Kalenborn Kalprotect GmbH & Co. KG based in Vettelschoss, GERMANY. from Zirconium Corundum Wear Protection Product line

  • Model RU - Rubber Wear Protection Clamping Bars

    Environmentally friendly and low maintenance installations implicate tasks that can be solved trouble-free and in a relatively easy way by using the tried and tested wear resistant rubber material.  The basic properties of rubber - elasticity and abrasion resistance - enable highly efficient abatement of both noise and wear.  If used ...

    By Nilos GmbH & Co. KG based in Hilden, GERMANY. from Rubber Wear Protection Clamping Bars Product line

  • Model SC 9 / 11 / 15 - Stationary Multipress Screw Compactor

    Cardboard and paper: FThe screw compactor is the optimum technology for compacting bulky cardboard and large volumes. The large filling opening and efficient intake system guarantee fast, trouble-free processing. Optimum intake and compaction of whole or flattened cardboard.

    By Pöttinger Entsorgungstechnik GmbH based in Grieskirchen, AUSTRIA. from Stationary Multipress Screw Compactor Product line

  • Safety You Can Wear… Protective Apparel made of DuPont Tyvek!

    DuPont is a leader in developing materials that act as highly effective barriers against hazards. Apparel made of DuPont Tyvek® material combine the best qualities of film, woven fabric, and paper. DuPont Tyvek® is a tough, lightweight fabric that has outstanding tensile and tear strength, is equally strong (wet or dry) and is treated with a ...

  • ALPINE - Model AHM - Horizontal Agitated Media Mill

    An agitated media mill with a horizontal, cylindrical milling chamber that is universal in use for the continuous wet milling of particles down to the submicron range. The AHM agitated media mill was developed especially for suspensions with good flow properties where a steep particle size distribution and high end-product fineness are demanded. ...

    By HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft based in Augsburg, GERMANY. from Horizontal Agitated Media Mill Product line

  • WPE - Epoxy Wear Compound

    All WPE Epoxy Wear Compound products are two component products, epoxy resin and corund ceramic particles. As a wear protection coating, this trowelable material provides a surface resistant to sliding abrasion and chemical attack. WPE Epoxy Wear Compound products permits both horizontal and vertical installation with simple hand tools. It also ...

    By Ilse Schutz LLC based in Rheinberg North Rhine, GERMANY. from Epoxy Wear Compound Product line

  • Premium

    Polychem - Heavy Grit Package

    This system will help fight your heavy grit problems and protect against the associated wear it can cause. It is particularly useful for plants and communities near beaches as they often deal with a lot of influent sand.

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc. based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Heavy Grit Package Product line

  • Premium

    Enerpat - Model VB-50 (350-500Kgs) - Vertical Balers

    Large loading aperture. Distortion free press ram, guidance on all sides - prevents one-sided load, reduces wear, averts follow-on costs. Innovative handwheel door with lock device - protects the operator from sudden opening of doors. Reliable modern electronics with push buttons. Low maintenance and long life electro-hydraulics - efficient and ...

    By Enerpat Group UK Ltd based in Brentwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vertical Balers Product line

  • Premium

    Mellegard & Naij - Model TP - Wash Press

    Robust double trough construction gives high torque resistance and maximum dewatering capability. The double trough allows for long inlet lengths. Saving additional conveyors. The double trough enables optimum perforation area of the inner trough for high dewatering and good drainage. Robust wear steel lined screw and thick wear bars gives wear ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Wash Press Product line

  • Hensley - Bolt-on Wear Runners

    Adding extra wear protection to your wheel loader, large excavator, dipper or dragline buckets is easy with Hensley bolt-on wear runners. They are designed to fit high wear areas for extra impact and abrasion protection. They are mechanically attached to a weld-on base for quick and easy installation and changes.

    By Hensley Industries, Inc. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Bolt-on Wear Runners Product line

  • WPE - Therm-Combi System

    Therm-Combi system is a insulation system to protect your production equipment against wear and corrosion attack under extreme high and low environmental or process temperatures.

    By Ilse Schutz LLC based in Rheinberg North Rhine, GERMANY. from Therm-Combi System Product line

  • Engineering Components

    General wear protection in many different sectors and industries.

    By Durit Hartmetall GMBH based in Wuppertal, GERMANY.

  • F Morbark - Wear Parts

    Our quality wear parts are designed to save you money. Many of our forged bolt on tips have rails or saddles. The key feature is they help to protect the hammer neck, orientate the tip on the neck and reportedly prevent the tip from twisting on the hammer.

    By Grinder Wear Parts Inc. based in Largo, FLORIDA (USA). from Wear Parts Product line

  • Premium

    ELDAN - Multi Chopper

    The Multi Chopper has a low speed, high torque rotor enabling processing of tough materials. It is powered directly by Hägglund hydraulic motor and power unit enabling automatic reverse for overload protection thus minimizing knife damages. Knives available in different steel qualities providing the optimum solution for processing of your ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Multi Chopper Product line

  • Kingcera-NMC - Model 01 - Ceramic wear liner

    Wear liners comprise of alumina ceramic tiles, moulded in a high tensile strength natural rubber matrix, and mounted on steel backing plates. All rubber ceramic liners are hot vulcanized together using specialized equipment which provides abond strength that exceeds the tensile strength of the natural rubber matrix. As a result the ceramics will ...

    By Kingcera Engineering Co.,LTD based in CHINA.

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