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    Delta-T - Model WS-GP1 - Compact Weather Station

    The WS-GP1 Automatic Weather Station includes high grade sensors to measure rain, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and air temperature. The system comes complete with the GP1 Data Logger and a 2m tripod mast.

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Compact Weather Station Product line

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    Delta-T - Model WS-GP2 - Advanced Automatic Weather Station System

    The advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications at remote and exposed sites. The WS-GP2 provides a highly rugged and flexible system – users can select the optimal combination of sensors, logger, power and communications.

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Advanced Automatic Weather Station System Product line

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    OTT MetSystems - Control Cabinets with Integrated Components for Automatic Weather Stations

    The rugged lockable control cabinet of the OTT MetSystems is designed for automatic meteorological stations. it is equipped with components for power supply as well as with the IP datalogger OTT netDL for saving and remotely transferring meteorological data. The datalogger is preconfigured for use with the precipitation gauge OTT Pluvio² and ...

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    OSi - Model HazMET-100 - Portable Automated Weather Station

    The HazMET100 Portable AWS is an advanced, Portable Automated Weather Station built around the 2100-138 multi meteorological sensor. The low power requirements of the HazMET100 AWS make it well suited for portable battery and solar powered applications. The system has been designed from the ground up for fast setup anywhere.

    By Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi) based in Gaithersburg, MARYLAND (USA). from Portable Automated Weather Station Product line

  • MetPak - Model Pro - Weather Station

    MetPak Pro includes the same on-board sensors as the MetPak II as standard. The new MetPak Pro allows the integration of up to four sensors (e.g rain gauge, water level, pyranometer, pressure and soil temperature) in addition to the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and dew point sensors supplied. Software to ...

    By Gill Instruments Limited based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Weather Station Product line

  • Model UGT - Weather Station

    UGT offers specially customised weather stations to meet the precise requirements of the planned use of the weather station. The core element of these weather stations is the tried and tested UGT data logger DL-200. Depending on the project requirement, sensors for the following examples of parameters can be connected to these data loggers:

    By Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT) based in Müncheberg, GERMANY. from Weather Station Product line

  • Sorapro - Model PVMet - Weather Station

    The benefits of the Sorapro PVMet Weather Station are twofold: our innovative design and unique interface serve to make you aware of your consumption patterns and save you money while also helping to conserve the world we live in. The renewable energy system offered by Sorapro is the gateway to the future. When using our service, you can rest ...

    By Sorapro based in Yardville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Weather Station Product line

  • AURIA - Model 300 - Weather Station

    AURIA 300 weather station is a compact, autonomous, user friendly and evolutive station designed for data collection for various applications such as :

    By Degreane Horizon based in Quartier Saint Lazare, FRANCE. from Weather Station Product line

  • Weather Pro - Weather Station

    Weather Pro™ systems deliver accurate data in a complete package that’s easy to use and maintain. From small stations to large networks, we provide the sensors, data logger, and software to process and display your critical data.

    By Mesotech International, Inc. based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Weather Station Product line

  • CaipoBase - Weather Station

    CaipoBase is solar powered Internet based weather and soil moisture monitoring device. Station collects data from directly connected and wireless sensors, and uploads directly to the central web platform every hour or according to user’s choice.  Data can also be downloaded directly to PC via standard USB plug. Internal flash memory ...

    By Caipos GmbH based in Seiersberg, AUSTRIA. from Weather Station Product line

  • STWMO - Model 2m - Weather Stations

    The stations are made in accordance with the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) Annex 8 norms, and are used for forecasting purposes.  All equipment and installation are then executed in compliance with International norms.  Support structures (poles) in anodized aluminum anti-corrosion, easy transport to facilitate installation ...

    By NESA Srl based in Vidor (TV), ITALY. from Weather Stations Product line

  • Gescaser - Model 3.2 - Weather Station

    It measures the relative humidity and the outdoor air temperature. It allows the fans to turn on automatically only when environmental conditions are favourable to ventilate.

    By Gescaser, S.A. based in Almacelles, SPAIN. from Weather Station Product line

  • a-Weather - Weather Stations

    With a-Lab Ltd, weather stations measurements are always available in real time, wherever and whenever they are required. Thanks to the latest wireless technology, a-Weather stations are very easy to install. The placement of a-Weather stations is not limited by cables or radio link distance. The stations obtain their operating power from solar ...

    By a-Lab Ltd. based in Keuruu, FINLAND. from Weather Stations Product line

  • Model C-5 SAM - Weather Station

    TheC-5 SAMWeather Command provides on-site, real-time, reliable weather data for permanent or mobile deployments. If you respond to a limited number of Hazmat calls, have a low potential for a truly catastrophic spill, or are seeking a professional weather station on a limited budget, then theC-5 SAMis the right weather station for you.

    By Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • iMETOS - Model pro - Weather Station

    The iMETOS® pro weather stations can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, and can therefore deal with almost all established micro meteorological challenges.

    By Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT) based in Müncheberg, GERMANY. from Weather Station Product line

  • µMetos BLUE - Weather Station

    A full weather station with a wide range of sensors for on-site measurement of key parameters for irrigation and plant protection. Easy download through Bluetooth connection to your smartphone Management made easy.

    By METOS by Pessl Instruments based in Weiz, AUSTRIA. from Weather Station Product line

  • Agromet - Model MKIII Ref. 901 - Weather Stations

    Agromet MKIII new station is a durable and reliable weather picks up on the site the basic environmental information for informed decision-making plant spray best practices.

    By TEK 3000 based in Valls, SPAIN. from Weather Stations Product line

  • Model U30-NRC - Weather Station

    This rugged weather station is Onset’s most durable outdoor environmental monitoring solution. Users can easily configure the HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station to fit their application needs. Use up to 15 channels to collect environmental data and then upload to HOBOware® Pro software for expert analysis.

    By AlphaOmega-Electronics based in Algete, SPAIN. from Weather Station Product line

  • BinMaster - Model WS-LC and WS-PRO - Weather Station

    The weather station provides fast, reliable information about the ambient temperature and air moisture conditions used for efficient aeration control. This information is integrated with the complex Automatic Aeration Control software that turns aeration fans on or off to optimize the moisture content of grain. Weather conditions such as rain ...

    By BinMaster based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA). from Weather Station Product line

  • OdoWatch - Weather Station

    For environmental management, access to representative site meteorological data is vital. In continuous real-time monitoring, it is even more important to have data directly from the site to avoid serious skewing of the results. With this goal in mind,Odotech has designed its own weather stationspecifically for accurate on-site recording of ...

    By Odotech - an Envirosuite Company based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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