Weir equipment in Oregon

  • Downward Opening Weir Gate

    The function of a down-opening weir gate is to control the upstream water level, and/or pace the amount of discharge from a water system. At times there will be a level control sensor in the system which is directly connected - controlling a modulating electric operator to automatically pace the amount of flow discharged and/or maintain a constant ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from Gates Product line

  • Model GH 60 & GH-66 - Aluminum & Stainless Steel Weir Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Weir Gates are designed to control upstream water elevation and can provide a rough estimate of flow using notched gates via the downward- opening design. Weir gates function like slide gates, except that the disc opens downward allowing outflow to weir over the top of the gate.

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Weir Gates Product line

  • Weirs & Baffles

    Weir plates are used to control the flow of water into the launder or trough. Our weir plates are match metal die molded and fabricated with a flat crest, V-notch or square notch. Sizes up to 20’ long and four feet high available. Baffle scum plates are in front of the weir plates preventing floating solids from entering the launder or ...

    By Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products (MFG) Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Water Treatment Products Product line

  • Ducon - Venturi Scrubber

    This Ducon unit features a wetted wall inlet which eliminates wet-dry line build-up and permits direct recycle of high-solids liquid. Scrubbing liquid is distributed over a weir or shelf - no spray nozzles are used. The Venturi is teamed with a mist eliminator for efficient entrainment separation.  

    By Ducon Technologies Inc. Office in Auburn, OREGON (USA). from Wet Collection Technologies Product line

  • GillTrading - WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System

    WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System are engineered to the specific design parameters of each tank .WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems are ' ONLY technology that is SCADA/PLCATIMI automated. WeirWasher. ACS removes the algae, scum, grease, and other debris that grow. build up on weirs, troughs, baffles and oth. using rotational spray.WeirWasher ...

    By, Inc. based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA).

  • Troughs & Weir Pans

    Troughs and weir pans for circular, square, rectangular or custom tanks. The uses are for filtering, thickening, clarification, flocculation, scum removal or back wash. The products are available in NSF/ ANSI 61 certified and AWWA F101 compliant materials and properties.All troughs and weir pans are custom molded to size and shapes such as flat ...

    By Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products (MFG) Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Water Treatment Products Product line

  • NEFCO - Fiberglass Weir and Scum Baffle Systems

    Weirs and scum baffles are the ever-present nuts and bolts of the treatment plant, where the versatility and durability of fiberglass makes it the material of choice for this equipment.

    By NEFCO, Inc. Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Other Product line

  • Plasti-Fab - Large Trapezoidal Flumes

    Trapezoidal flumes fall into two principal groups, 60º V-notch flumes and larger trapezoidal flumes. The 60º V flumes have a sharp V-throat section similar to a V-notch weir and produce superior resolution for accurate flow measurement down to 1 gpm. The larger trapezoidal flumes, up to the 2 foot SRCRC flume, have flat floors and ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from Flumes Product line

  • Plasti-Fab - H, HS and HL Flumes

    The H flume and related HS & HL flumes are gaining in popularity due to their ability to handle wide ranging flows that can vary by as much 100:1 or more from low to peak. Because of the unique throat, which resembles a weir in some respects, the H flumes provide excellent resolution at low flows and still have capacity to capture peak flow ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from Flumes Product line

  • Specialty

    If your needs require the storing or hauling of extremely caustic or acidic materials, there's a Baker solution that is right for you. BakerCorp is the first choice for environmentally sensitive liquid and solid containment challenges, and the broader needs of construction and industrial companies. Baker solutions are cost effective, labor ...

    By BakerCorp Office in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Baker Specialty Equipment Product line

  • Plasti-fab Fiberglass and Composite Head Gages

    Plasti-Fab has made FIBERGLASS HEAD GAGES for use in open channel flumes for over 20 years. Due to market demand, we now offer this same durable construction in all sizes of custom level fiberglass gages.

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from Gages Product line

  • NSF - Model 61 - Launder Covers

    Our NSF 61 Launder Covers are used in water and wastewater treatment projects as odor control hoods that entrap noxious gases generated in the wastewater treatment process. Launder Covers also prevent the growth of algae which can disturb weir flow by elimination of sunlight; this reduces weir maintenance and enhances flow consistency for optimum ...

  • Evapco - Model AXS - Cooling Tower

    The Advanced Crossflow Series (AXS) puts a new spin on induced-draft, axial fan, crossflow cooling technology with features designed for simplified maintenance.  Crafted from decades of engineering know-how, EVAPCO's AXS cooling towers feature state-of-the-art induced draft, crossflow technology to deliver superior operating advantages in any ...

    By Evapco Inc. Office in Lake Oswego, OREGON (USA). from Cooling Towers - Factory Assembled Product line

  • Oil/Water Separator - Slant Rib Coalescing Oil/Water Separator (SRC) & Fiberglass Tank Oil/Water Separator (SRM)

    Parkson’s Model SRC and SRM Oil/Water Separators offer a reliable, compact, and economical solution to a wide array of oil/water separation applications. The Oil/Water Separators remove free, non-emulsified oil and settleable solids to produce an effluent with less than 10 mg/l of oil droplets 20 micron or larger.The influent flow first enters an ...

    By Parkson Corporation Distributor in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Separations & ENR Product line

  • NSF - Model 61 - Fiberglass Troughs

    Custom produced in any size or design, our NSF 61 fiberlass troughs, wash troughs, clarifying troughs, collection and effluent (launder) are constructed by MFG Water Treatment Products Company utilizes the lay-up process using advanced FRP materials. Specifically designed for use in water and wastewater treatment plants and other applications ...

  • NEFCO - FRP Trough System - Trough Liner

    Our FRP products provide maximum rigidity with minimum deflections with the use of 24 ounce layers of woven roving, allowing our products to withstand greater loads without deflection/deformations.

    By NEFCO, Inc. Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Other Product line

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH-31 - Stainless Steel Stop Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Stop Gates are designed to block water flow in open channels. They are generally fabricated from aluminum to save weight, but can be provided in stainless steel. Design includes reinforcements to limit deflection of the gate under the designed head condition. Guide frames are designed to fit into the channel structures and can ...

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Diversion Stop Gates Product line

  • JMS - Model Mega-SETTLER - Plate Settler System

    The plate settler’s roots date back to 1904, when sanitary engineering pioneer Allen Hazen introduced the concept that sedimentation is a function of basin surface area, independent of retention time. That development led engineers to add diagonal steel plates in the sedimentation basins to increase the effective projected horizontal surface ...

    By Jim Myers & Sons, Inc. Distributor in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Rotoshear - Model PF - Internally Fed Rotating Perforated Plate Drum Screen

    Rotating drum screens with perforated plate screen media are the most successful solution for screening prior to an MBR system. Because Rotoshear® PF uses Rotoshear®’s base structure, it is the most reliable and highest capacity screen for an MBR plant.  More than 15 MBR plants use Rotoshear® PF as their membrane ...

    By Parkson Corporation Distributor in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Screenings & Headworks - Drum Screens Product line

  • NEFCO - Odor Control Cover Systems

    NEFCO’s Odor Control Cover Systems are walk-able, load-bearing platforms that enable operators to safely reach covered areas, including launders, grit chambers, UV channels and others areas where personnel access is required. Our walk-on covers feature non-skid surfaces with large hinged hatches that provide ready access to for inspection ...

    By NEFCO, Inc. Distributor in OREGON (USA). from Launder Covers Product line

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