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well monitoring equipment available in Tajikistan

  • Eno Scientific - Model 1100 - Well Water Monitoring Instrument

    The Well Watch 1100 is a state-of-the-art semi-permanent well water monitoring instrument. It requires no external equipment for configuration settings, and it is capable of logging, storing, and downloading over 14,000 data points. The product consists of a small mountable control unit and a probe. The separate probe allows the display unit to be ...

    By Eno Scientific based in Hillsborough, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Water Tank Liners

    Fab-Seal offers NSF /Ansi Standard 60 or 61 approved flexible membrane liner systems for tanks, clear wells, water vaults, chlorine, aluminum sulfate, and waste water tanks.

    By Fab-Seal Industrial Liners Inc based in Shawnee, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Wireless Groundwater Monitoring System

    The GSM-2 module allows the data transfer via GSM i / GPRS i by using SMS, FTP i or Email communication. Furthermore, the collected data is saved in a buffer with a capacity of 57’000 samples, which additionally increases the security of the collected data. The barometer installed inside allows using a capillary free, extremely stable ...

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND. from Wireless Groundwater Monitoring System Product line

  • Monitoring Wells

    The Westbay System is unsurpassed for the flexibility of design provided for the field hydrogeologist. Each Westbay System monitoring well is comprised of modular casing, packers, and valved port couplings. Additional components can be added for additional monitoring zones - essentially without limit. This is useful if drilling operations ...

    By Westbay Instruments based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • A15/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitor

    Sulfides can be found naturally in well water and can build up in wastewater collection systems due to anaerobic conditions that frequently occur. They are also used in mercury removal processes and are frequently found in tanning wastes. In drinking water systems, sulfides cause taste and odor problems. In wastewater systems, they can cause ...

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) based in Collegeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from A15/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitor Product line

  • Monitor Well Manholes

    Nylon Receiver and Cover. HDPE Skirt. Buna O-Ring Seal. Stainless Steel Fasteners, Slotted Head.

    By Koby Environmental, Inc. based in Clarence Center, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Standard Flow System

    The Standard Flow System is the most popular inertial pump. This system is best suited for 1” to 2” ID monitoring wells and can provide lifts of 150 to 200 feet. Flow rates can be as much as 1 gallon per minute.The system consists of two components – a Standard Flow foot valve and a length of 5/8' OD Standard Flow high density ...

    By Waterra USA Inc. based in Peshatin, WASHINGTON (USA). from Standard Flow System Product line

  • Water Tight Monitoring Well Manhole

    The Rain Tight Monitoring Well Manhole allows access to monitoring/observation wells. Monitoring well markings, which comply with API RP 1615, are cast into the cover. The manhole features a cast iron ring and cover with machine fitted Buna-N O-Ring for rain tight security, steel skirt, 3/8' flush mount stainless steel bolts for limited access and ...

    By Atlantic Screen & Mfg., Inc. based in Milton, DELAWARE (USA). from Water Tight Monitoring Well Manhole Product line

  • HUSKEY - Monitor Well Drilling Compound

    HUSKEY MONITOR WELL DRILLING COMPOUND is a unique synthetic based thread compound designed to meet the objective of monitor well studies and not interfere with the detection of volatile organic chemicals. HUSKEY MONITOR WELL DRILLING COMPOUND is in full compliance with the stringent test specification limits set forth in the environmental ...

    By Huskey Specialty Lubricants based in Norco, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Monitor Well Drilling Compound Product line

  • Monitor Well Locking Plug

    Monitor-Well Locking Plug Features: Designed to seal monitor wells. Meets all EPA requirements for locking plugs. Sized to seal Schedule 40 piping. 2' and 4' sizes can also seal Schedule 5 pipe. Works with Cherne's solid brass padlock.

    By Cherne Industries based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Monitor Well Locking Plug Product line

  • Smart Read EZTest - Model 1710 - Well Incubator

    The heart of the Smart-Read Monitoring System, the 1710 Smart-Well® is a highly sophisticated monitoring tool that is intuitive and designed with the user in mind. The Smart-Well incubator is easy-to-configure with its simple touch-screen interface and color LCD display. The incubator can evaluate up to ten Smart-Read EZTest biological ...

    By Mesa Laboratories, Inc. based in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA). from Well Incubator Product line

  • Model M 311 - Monitor

    The monitor Model- M 311 is durable manual controlled monitor for fixed installation as well as trailer mounted unit. The monitor is generally used for protection of flammable liquid storage tanks, loading racks, dykes marine and many other Industrial application. The Monitor possess several design features that provides ease of operation, minimum ...

    By Fireguard Safety Equipment Co Ltd. based in Willenhall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Monitor Product line

  • Eagle Eye - Model iPQMS - Real-Time Battery Monitoring System

    Eagle Eye’s iPQMS Battery Monitoring System is designed to measure the aging status of up to 448 jars (or 448 cells) by measuring and recording: string voltage and current, as well as jar/cell voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance and temperature.

    By Eye Power Solutions, LLC based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Real-Time Battery Monitoring System Product line

  • SuperSting - Landfill Monitoring System

    The SuperSting Monitoring System is an add-on module to the SuperSting Wi-Fi, our multi-channel electrical imaging system. It monitors landfills, well sites, dams, and other unattended locations where changes of resistivity conditions over time must be recorded and analyzed.

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Greyline - Model PSL 5.0 - Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller

    New Pump and Lift Station Level Controller: Ideal for sewage pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and tank level control with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted above the liquid. The new Greyline PSL 5.0 Level Controller has 6 independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, dialers, temperature alarm ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc. based in Long Sault, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller Product line

  • IntelliCEMS - Biomass Analyzer

    The IntelliCEMS Gas Analyzer Systems by Cemtrex, Inc. offers the latest in technology to allow your facility to meet or exceed EPA requirements on emissions monitoring (CFR 40 and CAA 1990). In response to the regulations in monitoring of all greenhouse gases set by the EPA for all biomass processing facilities, Cemtrex now offers customizable gas ...

    By Cemtrex Inc. - Monitoring Instrument & Products Division based in Farmingdale, NEW YORK (USA). from Biomass Analyzer Product line

  • ASFM Monitor™ - Plant and System-Level Optimization

    Once it has been calibrated, the ASFM Monitor provides reliable, accurate and repeatable, long-term real-time monitoring of turbine discharge. It has been developed for use in low-head, short-intake plants, but can be used in higher head plants as well. It is installed on the walls of the intake, and thus can also be used for the detection of ...

    By ASL AQFlow Inc. based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Monitoring Territorial Waters System

    Six of the organization’s regional departments are using autonomous hydrological systems comprising of KELLER PAA-36 X W hydrostatic level probes as well as GSM i -2\GSM-2 BOX modules for automatic data registration and transfer.

    By KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND. from Monitoring Territorial Waters System Product line

  • PureAire - Model 99020 - Air Check O2 EX Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

    An explosion proof monitor is for use in environments that require Class I, div I, Group B,C,D, and div 2 Group E,F, G Enclosures. This monitor is specifically designed to not be a source of ignition. It is ideal for use in spaces with highly combustible gases. This includes facilities that use blanketing with cryogenic gases, including nitrogen, ...

    By PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc based in Lake Zurich, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • ISA - Cylinder Monitoring

    The cylinder retail market requires a fine grain monitoring of the bottle consumption and specially the correct time and quantity on each replacement. The challenge in place is to detect properly the right time and amount of bottles that a location needs to improve the levels of service as well the logistic chain.

    By ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere based in Coimbra, PORTUGAL.

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