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PrePak Well Screen

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

The 3/4' size allows larger sampling equipment than will fit inside commonly used 1/2' direct push wells. Usable inside most 2' or 2-1/8' direct push casing, or can be installed in an open hole. Each section is flush threaded with an o-ring seal for assembly of longer screens. Flush threaded end plugs are available. The other sizes have the same ...

Smith & Loveless - Model Shade Aide™ - HMI Protector

by Smith & Loveless Inc.     Office in NEW ZEALAND

Are the sun's harmful rays making it impossible to do your job?  Block them out with the SHADE AIDE by Smith & Loveless. Color touch screens and black & white screens can be hard to see when the sun is beating down on them.  Over time, the sun's harmful rays can damage your HMI screens. The Patent Pending SHADE AIDE by Smith ...

Stainless Steel PrePak Screen

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

With no plastic components, this all-stainless steel PrePak Screen is ideal for monitoring wells in aggressive groundwater environments. It can also be used as an injection well for corrosive remediation liquids. Its unique design provides more open area than conventional screens at less than half the cost of wire-wrapped screens. Available ...

Flow Thru Screen and Economy Flow Thru Screen

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

Inexpensive 3/4', 1-1/4' and 2' intake screens used when small particle size filtration and maximum open area are needed for naturally developed wells. Quick and easy Flow Thru Screens are ideal for inexpensive sampling with fine particle filtration and a high open area in naturally developed wells.

Economy PrePak Screens

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

Ready-to-use, affordable Economy Screens provide cost-effective, convenient modular well installation. Economy Screens are suitable for use in most ground water sampling, air sparging, and water level monitoring applications. Low-cost, modular units provide fast, easy direct push well installation and economical performance suitable for many ...

Plus 10 PrePak Screen and Economy Plus 10

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

With 10 times the open area and 10 times the filtration capacity, these >20% open area screens are ideal for Long Term Monitoring (LTM) of natural attenuation using low purge or passive sampling. High open area minimizes stagnant water to cut sampling time in low-yield wells. UltraFine filter pack can reduce turbidity by orders of magnitude and ...

EscaMax - Belt Screen

by Huber SE     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

The EscaMax® complements the well-known HUBER program for municipal and industrial wastewater screening, as it is particularly well suited in situations where excellent separation efficiency is required in deep channels with high water levels.

Slide-on Quick Seal and Bentonite Jackets

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

Inexpensive and convenient jackets slide onto your casing and lock into position to provide positive placement of a rapid annular seal below the water table. These products operate the same and have the same specifications as the Quick Seal and Bentonite Sleeves below. Use your screen and casing, save on shipping and insure thread compatibilty.

Quick Seal and Bentonite Sleeves

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

Threads into the casing string to provide positive placement of a rapid annular seal below the water table. The Quick Seal Sleeve is a low-permeability seal, the Bentonite Sleeve is impermeable (note: Bentonite Sleeves seal at a much slower rate than Quick Seal). Prevents grout from intruding into the screened interval. 3/4' model fits in most 2' ...

PrePak Jacket

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

These economical, sand-filled jackets quickly slip over any perforated screen, regardless of slot size or thread pattern, making one-pass well installation using direct push easy and fast. Use your screen and casing, save on shipping and insure thread compatibilty. Tough but inert food grade poly filter fabric retains your choice of fthree sizes ...

Expanding Foam Bridge

by GeoInsight     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

This compressible foam seal, wrapped in a polyethylene sleeve, expands instantly when it exits the bottom of the drive casing, to provide positive placement of a barrier that prevents solids from entering into the screen interval. Provides a positive grout barrier when used above the water table with granular bentonite.

RakeMax - Multi Rake Bar Screen

by Huber SE     Distributor in NEW ZEALAND

The RakeMax Screen is perfectly suited to both municipal and industrial wastewater and process water screening. The cleaning elements, attached to the chain system, can easily be adjusted to suit different requirements.

UNTHA - Model RS50/60/100 - Industrial Shredders and Shredding Systems

by UNTHA Shredding Technology     Distributor in Nambour, NEW ZEALAND

Industrial shredders and shredding systems for difficult applications. The mature four-shaft shredder that has been tried and tested under difficult conditions is characterized by very high reliability, ability to handle non-shreddable extraneous materials as well as a very broad application range. Its sturdy design and the strong, resistant ...

PROTRONIX - Model II - Pump Station Control System

by Smith & Loveless Inc.     Office in NEW ZEALAND

The PROTRONIX II Control System delivers PLC control for the cutting edge Formula X Wet Well Mounted Pump Station (WWMPS) and semi-recessed Rectangular Recessed WWMPS systems as well as any S&L pump station. The evolution of PROTRONIX II controls provides end-users the latest in system control technology in a single interface design.

UNTHA - Model XR3000R - Waste Shredder

by UNTHA Shredding Technology     Distributor in Nambour, NEW ZEALAND

With minimal operating costs and maximum performance, the XR is by far the most innovative waste pre-shredder for municipal solid waste (MSW), C&D waste and commercial & industrial waste in the global marketplace. With a completely new drive concept, “UNTHA Eco Drive” guarantees up to 50 % less energy consumption in comparison to conventional ...

DFE High Volume Centrifuge

by Screen Tec International Pte Ltd     based in New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND

Drilling Fluid Equipment's High Volume Centrifuge is a ruggedly constructed, low maintenance skid mounted decanter and designed specifically for operation in harsh environments and remote locations.

SciTOX - UniTOX Electrochemistry and Toxicity Analyzer

by SciTOX Limited     based in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

SciTOX has designed an innovative single-sample analyzer for developing research applications in electrochemistry and toxicity measurement. Designed for Universities and teaching laboratories, the UniTOX utilizes an innovative, patented whole-cell biosensor and simple, inexpensive reagents to measure the overall electrochemical effect in a sample. ...

UNTHA - Model S25 - Compact Shredding System for Reliable Volume Reduction

by UNTHA Shredding Technology     Distributor in Nambour, NEW ZEALAND

The S25 is a very compact shredder, which is well suited for continuous operation thanks to its robust design in combination with a foreign object-resistant cutting unit. The S25 is also optionally available as a 'plug and shred' option. This gives you the utmost flexibility.

DIA.NE - Gas Engine Control System

by Clarke Energy     Office in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

DIA.NE is a user-friendly engine management system. A colour graphic display provides a clear overview of all information. This diagnostic instrument features an effective alarm management system with all error messages date stamped and clearly presented in tabular form to identify the sequence of events.

HORIBA - Model MEXA-1400QL-NX - Exhaust Gas Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Distributor in Kingsland, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

The MEXA-1400QL-NX is an exhaust gas analyzer for four nitrogen compounds simultaneously,i.e. NO, NO2, N2O and NH3, utilizing mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Laser technology. By using the high power, high resolution lasers, the analyzer can measure each component accurately,even in low concentrations, with minimum interference from other components ...

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