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wildlife management equipment

  • Waste Management Odor Disposer

    Compost and garbage produce some of the worst smells in your household. These odors attract fruit flies, houseflies and other annoying insects, providing the perfect breeding ground to make your life very uncomfortable. It’s these same nasty odors that attract rodents and wild animals, potentially bringing disease ...

    By Scicorp International Corp. based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • AQUILA - Airport Tablet Bird Scarer

    AQUILA airport tablet allows staff in charge of wildlife hazard management to log and analyze events. It is also compatible with EFFTEL products offering effective airside bio-acoustic bird dispersal system.

    By STERELA based in Pins-Justaret, FRANCE. from Airport Tablet Bird Scarer Product line

  • Animal Control Covers

    Protecting wildlife and lessening the potential threat of lawsuit is an increasing concern among leaders in all industries. By providing efficient, reusable, and long lasting wildlife protection covers, IEC has helped chemical, petroleum, mining, and manufacturing industries protect their bottom line. Environmental and operational managers ...

    By Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Animal Control Covers Product line

  • Bauder - Biodiversity System

    0-3 Degrees – Total Flat Roof: Many native species of plants, birds, insects and other wildlife are in decline due to years of urban development that has claimed increasing areas of their natural habitat. Environmentalists, ecologists and local government planners are now recognising the potential offered by roof landscaping as a method of ...

    By Bauder Limited based in Ipswich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biodiversity System Product line

  • Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP)

    Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP) is becoming a requirement for aquaculture in order to establish controls and measures around the farming environment that ensure that protection of the local biodiversity. Aquaculture operators often find themselves in conflict with local wildlife and the HCP system is designed to create an agreement that ...

    By eAqua Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Bird-X - Floating Bird Balls

    Floating Bird Balls are much more than just balls. An extremely eco-friendly way to prevent pest bird problems in bodies of water, like airport retention ponds, because they completely cover the water’s surface to prevent pest water birds from landing, while still allowing sunlight in and maintaining the water’s ecosystem.

    By Bird-X Inc. based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Floating Bird Balls Product line


    Storm water is simply rain water or melted snow that runs off the land and into rivers, streams, and lakes. When storm water flows through industrial sites it may accumulate pollutants and transport them into national waterways where they can impact wildlife, restrict swimming areas, and affect the navigability of the nation’s waters.

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from SWPPP Product line

  • EvaporHEX - Self-Righting Floating Modular System

    EvaporHEX is a self-righting floating modular system that covers the water surface of any tank, pond, or storage facility reducing evaporation, preventing an increase in organics, deterring avian species and other wildlife, and resisting multiple environmental conditions such as high wind speeds and extreme temperatures. 

    By Zeatech International based in Rhome, TEXAS (USA).

  • VanEssen - Model Diver-NETZ - Complete Wireless System

    From wireless field data collection and recording, to project execution in the office, Diver-NETZ is a complete network of first-class technologies that integrates superior field instrumentation with the industry's latest wireless communication and data management capabilities. All Diver-NETZ components are designed to streamline project ...

  • QuikSoil - Model 2300 - Bio Solids

    QuikSoil 2300 is an effective odor management tool for sewage biosolids destined for composting or drying operations, especially when ammonia and amines comprise a significant percentage of the odor volume.

    By Global Odor Control Technologies, LLC (GOC) based in Bloomington,, INDIANA (USA). from Bio Solids Product line

  • EFFTEL - Airport Bird Scarer

    EFFTEL Solutions allow bird scaring actions on airport with distress calls and synthetic sounds. They are modular and can be adapted to any airport, taking into account the particular needs of the airport manager.

    By STERELA based in Pins-Justaret, FRANCE. from Airport Bird Scarer Product line

  • Small Batch Oxidation System (SBOS)

    Designed for communities, industries, facilities and organizations that seek a clean and smart solution to landfilling or incineration, our sBOS is a proven gasification technology and management solution that provides a clean, smart and affordable method to deal with batches of +/- 1.5 tonnes of waste.

    By Waste to Energy Canada Ltd (WTEC) based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • RDL - Lake Geotextile Liners

    Lake liners form a fundamental part in the success of man-made lake construction where water lose through ground seepage needs to be prevented. Water has been a key element in gardens and landscape design for many, many years. Ponds and lakes can be very beautiful and a haven for wildlife. Installing a quality lake lineror pond liner to ...

    By Russetts Development Ltd based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • DroneWatcher - Model APP - Detect & Deter Bird Control Radar System

    The MERLIN detect & deter bird control radar system is the most advanced and proven radar system for continuous monitoring of user-defined bird and wildlife control zones and automatic activation of bird deterrent devices to prevent birds entering restricted areas. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in 2012 presented a ...

    By DeTect, Inc. based in Panama City, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Digital 24 Event Timer for Scatter Feeders

    Our Timers are the best in the industry by far. They provide the precision and flexibility you need to manage your fish feeding program. We began building timers over 45 years ago — longer than any other company around today. Our timers can schedule feeds up to 24 Times a day, with a unique feed duration and motor speed for each ...

    By Sweeney Enterprises, Inc. based in Boerne, TEXAS (USA). from Digital 24 Event Timer for Scatter Feeders Product line

  • Fecon - Model EX 60 - Utility Tracked Vehicle

    The EX60 is the versatile heavy-duty compact utility tracked vehicle you have been waiting for. The EX60 rubber tracks can handle all terrains with low impact and low ground disturbance. Two auxiliary hydraulic circuits can power a variety of tolls or attachments. An optional load sense pump provides power for high demand applications. High volume ...

    By Fecon, Inc. based in Lebanon, OHIO (USA). from Utility Tracked Vehicle Product line

  • Hidrostank - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

    Since its begining, HIDROSTANK has combined the injection of its innovative modular reinforced polypropylene access chambers, with the design, manufacture, supply and installation of various hydraulic equipment for rainwater and sewage networks (storm tanks, spillways). The result of this double experience, and above all, an analysis of the needs ...

    By Hidrostank SL based in Tafalla, SPAIN. from Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Product line

  • Premier - Model 2020 - Vehicle Installed Bio-Acoustic Bird Dispersal System

    The Premier 2020 is the replacement for the well-established and long standing Digi-Scare and Premier 1500 systems. Scarecrow have now sold approaching 1000 of these various vehicle mounted systems to airports across the world.

    By Scarecrow based in Maresfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vehicle Installed Bio-Acoustic Bird Dispersal System Product line

  • Wastewater Ponds

    Water management has reached crisis levels in the agriculture industry. California is in its worst drought in 500 years. April 1, 2015 Governor Brown directs first ever statewide mandatory water reductions and $1 billion emergency drought package for the worst drought conditions since. The two critical factors affecting the agricultural industry ...

    By Phoenix Water Technologies, Inc. based in San Pedro, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wastewater Ponds Product line

  • Corrugated Pipe

    The Strong, Reliable, Cost-Effective Solution For Drainage. It is a fact: the next century of storm water technology and solutions is not written in concrete. Over the past several years the specification and use of dual wall HDPE corrugated pipe for storm has increased dramatically based on factors such as the pipe's strength, durability, joint ...

    By Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) based in Irving, TEXAS (USA). from Corrugated Pipe Product line

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