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Wireless Monitoring Network equipment

  • Showcase

    RainWise - Model IP-100 - Network Interface for Real Time Weather Data

    The IP-100 facilitates unprecedented transmission and access to real time weather data through multiple formats. Whether connecting online through your computer to our data hosting portal, RainwiseNet, to the RainWise iPhone & iPad app, or by instantly uploading your data to the Weather Underground network,, the IP-100 makes ...

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from RainwiseNet Web Solutions Product line

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    Teledesign - Model TS4000 - 900MHz ISM Radio Modem

    The TS4000 incorporates a wide range of high performance radio modules, which meet the stringent demands of both domestic and international regulatory agencies. Advanced features include address selective store-and-forward data repeating, multilevel packet management, and remote system adjustment and network wide diagnostics.

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Telemetry / Wireless Data Communications Product line

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    Stevens - Model Cell-Net - Simple Cellular Telemetry Solution

    Cell-Net is a simple cellular telemetry solution for new or existing remote monitoring stations. Cell-Net offers a web-based configuration utility that makes it easy to install and configure forwarding of remote data to any destination.

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Telemetry / Wireless Data Communications Product line

  • Wireless Router Dust Monitor

    The Wireless Router Dust monitor is a microprocessor-based unit, equipped with USB, RS485 and Sintrol’s local RF-link connections.The device is designed to manage all Sintrol products connected to Sintrol Network. The Wireless Router has been specifically designed for easy installation and reliable operation.

    By Sintrol Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Wireless Product line

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    Stevens eTracker - True Cloud-Based Sensor

    eTracker is the gateway between the sensors and the cloud. Data communication and IT infrastructure are merged under one user interface experience. eTracker was designed from the ground up to embrace the current and future trends of cloud-based remote data acquisition and the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) revolution. This paradigm shift centralizes ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Telemetry / Wireless Data Communications Product line

  • Aysix - Wireless Valve Feedback Monitor System

    The Aysix Wireless system provides an end-to-end sensory network to monitor various types of valves while operating in a process plant. This Solution gives operators in both the control room as well as in the field a comprehensive picture of the valves performance status in real time. Traditionally, valve monitoring has been expensive and ...

    By Aysix Technologies based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Wireless Product line

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    Insite Wireless Monitoring

    We understand your businesses’ need to collect and manage valuable data in real time. Our Insite wireless monitoring system combines advanced hardware, software, and communications technologies to make this a reality for you!  Our private network servers provide safety and security from external threats and ransomware.

    By Harmony Enterprises, Inc. based in Harmony, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Lifeline Go-Kit

    The Life•line Go-Kit is a fast  to deploy instrument communications “fly-away” that contains the basic equipment to establish field environmental monitoring. The kit includes 3 LINCs, a Life•line Gateway, a Gateway Power Module, batteries/chargers, Computer and software.

    By Safe Environment Engineering based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wireless Network Telemetry Product line

  • Model V8 Wireless - Data Acquisition System

    The V8 Wireless Data Acquisition System SSEM comprises: A current source such as the T-3 , the new TXU-30 or the T-200 a V8 Receiver an RXU-TMR transmitter monitor and several auxiliary RXU Receivers (controlled by the V8) PE-4 non-polarizing electrodes and MTC-30 sensors and a user-friendly Windows-like interface developed by our team to provide ...

    By Phoenix Geophysics Limited based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Systems Product line

  • INOVA - Wireless Sensors

    A range of high-tech sensors that can detect a variety of parameters like structural, environmental, chemical, and physical movement with which to configure wireless mesh networks intelligent, self-powered, self-configuring routers and gateways. These components rely on a highly innovative technology. They do not require any wiring, and can be ...

    By NOVATEST Srl based in Modena (MO), ITALY. from iNova Network Product line

  • Model LINCmrs - FLIR Mobile Radiological System

    The LINC mobile radiological system (LINCmrs) is a versatile wireless transportable radiological isotope detector easily configured for different types of monitoring requirements. Examples include mobile vehicle systems, portal applications, fixed facility and grouped for events requiring increased sensitivity detection.  

    By Safe Environment Engineering based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wireless Network Telemetry Product line

  • Model OEL8000II-W - Overfill Protection and Inventory Management Controller

    The OEL8000II-W is a comprehensive tank overfill protection and inventory management controller that can simultaneously monitor up to 99 FillChecklevel alarm sensors or Datastik inventory monitoring probes.  These intrinsically safe, battery powered magnetostrictive probes provide highly accurate product level, interface (water) level, and up ...

    By OMNTEC Mfg. Inc. based in Ronkonkoma, NEW YORK (USA). from Wireless Product line

  • Link2-900MHz - Wireless Radio for Instruments

    The Link2-900MHz wireless device connects directly to your compatible devices and gives wireless connectivity to other Link2 devices and also connects to the Link2-LAN or Link2-GSM to upload data to the RemoteDNA network. Link2-900MHz operates in the 900 MHz band with USA (FCC), Canadian (IC), Australia and Israel compliance.

    By RemoteDNA based in Canton, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Wireless Product line

  • Model MRD-305-DIN - Industrial M2M/3G Gateway/Router

    Remote access removes boundaries, eliminates the need for time consuming site visits and provides a network infrastructure suitable for today’s “always-on” society. The MRD-305-DIN industrial M2M/3G gateway/router uses the Internet to cost effectively inter-connect systems, allowing HMI, PLCs, sensors etc to communicate with each ...

    By Westermo Teleindustri AB based in Stora Sundby, SWEDEN. from Wireless Product line

  • Model 20 Series Wireless - Sensor Transmitter

    The Insite Instrumentation Group Sensor Transmitter (ST 2) will wirelessly connect any 20 Series sensor with the Process Transmitter (PT 2). Compatible sensors include DO, SS, pH, and ORP sensors. The 20 Series system allows for flexible and economical process monitoring and control. The ST 2 has an outdoor line of sight range of up to one mile. ...

    By Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc based in Slidell, LOUISIANA (USA). from pH & ORP Sensors Product line

  • Premium

    Leakmaster - Model AZ Logger - Acoustic Zone Monitoring with Wireless Read-out

    The Leakmaster wireless monitoring system sets a new benchmark for the network servicing business. The noise levels saved by the data loggers are radio-transmitted to the driving mobile unit. Even an untrained operator is able to detect any leakages due to the precise data received.

    By F.A.S.T. GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Data Logger Product line

  • Model 20 Series Wireless - Process Transmitter

    The Insite Instrumentation Group Process Transmitter (PT 2) multi-channel analyzer is part of the unique 20 Series System that combines advanced electronics with the latest in sensor technology. The PT 2 will wirelessly communicate with up to 16 Sensor Transmitters (ST 2) which work with any combination of DO, SS, pH, or ORP sensors. This system ...

    By Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc. based in Slidell, LOUISIANA (USA). from pH & ORP Sensors Product line

  • Premium

    ACME - Model WR Series - Remote Wireless Relay Module

    The ACME WR Series Remote Relay Module operates within a CEW wireless gas detection network, acting as an addressable output to the CEW Control Panel. Each WR Relay Module provides 8 relays for the indirect activation of fans, louvers, etc at programmable set points.

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Gas Detection Equipment Product line

  • Wireless Level-Alarming Network Extension

    Painting the full flow picture of your entire wastewater collection system can be a costly endeavor, especially when you have hundreds of manholes and miles and miles of pipe. But with Hach’s level-alarming solution, you can monitor and capture data from more sites in your network without crushing your budget. Just pair ...

    By Hach Company Flow Meters based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Advanticsys - Model DS1000 - Attachable Sensor Board

    The DS1000 is an attachable sensor board that is compatible with all the CMXX00 series of WSN Motes that have the 51-pin connector. DS1000's main field of application is environment monitoring, as it can give real time information on the air temperature and gases concentration due to CO level as well as CO2.

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