Working Environment equipment in Hungary

  • HORIBA - Model U-50 Series - Multiparameter Water Quality Checker

    U-50 series Multi-parameter water quality checker enables to measure and indicate the monitoring result simultaneously up to 11 parameters with one unit. Tough & powerful design, considering user friendly field monitoring on site, such as rive, ground water, drainage water, etc. bring together feature of function and performance, which makes ...

  • OCMA - Model 550 - Oil Content Monitor

    OCMA-550 to measure residual oil on components and concentrations of oil adhered on solids such as soil. Measurement can be easily made only by injecting the extracted water sample into the attached cell and setting it to the equipment. This model features a simple design which allows opening/closing of the door to setting of cell with just one ...

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    Kuriflock/Gilufloc - Advanced Portfolio for Waste Water Treatment Processes

    Every customer has different needs. With Kurita´s broad range of coagulation and flocculation products, we meet the needs of various applications in different manufacturing processes in the field of construction, industry, water and paper. By clarifying make-up water and / or purifying waste water, we work together with our customers to ...

    By Kurita Office in Budaörs, HUNGARY. from Water Solutions Technologies Product line

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    Casella - Model CEL-120 - Acoustic Calibrator

    The CEL-120 Acoustic Calibrator is the smallest of its type in the world; with a rugged, over-moulded design for use in field environments.

    By Casella Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Noise Monitoring - Sound Level Meters Product line

  • Model ERLS - Enamel Removal Laser System

    The Enamel Removal Laser System (ERLS) is a laser-based insulator removal system, which was developed to remove the hard-coated insulator layers (e.g. lacquer) from copper wires without damaging the wires’ material. Employing laser ablation ensures that the insulator will be removed all the way down to the copper resulting in clean metallic ...

    By Greensolar Equipment Manufacturing Ltd based in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model CTD-Diver - Data Loggers

    The CTD-Diver is a fully stand-alone datalogger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. Its ceramic casing and unparalleled conductivity measuring range (0-120 mS) make it suitable for use at every site. The CTD-Diver is impervious to the most aggressive substances found in water. Its ceramic casing resists when even the strongest metals yield. ...

    By Jakab és Társai Ltd. based in Gödöllő, HUNGARY. from Groundwater Dataloggers Product line

  • Reflectex - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    REFLECTEX Heat Reflective Concrete Pavement Interlayer Geotextile is a polypropylene, staple fiber, needlepunched nonwoven geotextile produced by Propex for use as an interlayer for separating cementitious pavement sections. The fibers are needled to form a stable network that retains dimensional stability relative to each other. REFLECTEX reduces ...

    By Propex Operating Company, LLC Office in Győr, HUNGARY. from Paving Products Product line

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    Casella - Model dBadge2 - Personal Noise Dosimeter

    Designed to make noise measurements even simpler, dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter represents the next generation; a true evolution, now with the added benefit of wireless connectivity and a dedicated App. The dBadge2 is the next generation in personal noise dosimeters, offering features only previously available in the most advanced of hand held ...

    By Casella Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Noise Monitoring - Noise Dosimeters Product line

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    Model UT 9000 - Underground Pipe Locating Device

    When it comes to locating underground pipes and cables, precision is key. The more precise the measurement, the lower the risk of digging up the wrong spot. Performance, practical handling and simple operation are just as important for fast and efficient work. Likewise, reliability, versatility and a sturdy design are also essential for obtaining ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Pipe Location Detection Product line

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    ORWAK - Model Brickman 300 Cardboard - Automatic Briquetting Machine

    Brickman 300 The Brickman 300 has been developed to make the task of compacting waste products as simple as possible. The only thing you need to do is place the material in the feeder compartment and then press the start button. Brickman does the rest. There are specific versions created especially for different types of material: Cardboard, Alu ...

    By Orwak AB Office in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Brickman Product line

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    ORWAK - Model BRICKMAN 1200K - Automatic Briquetting Machine

    Brickman 1200k is developed to make the task of Compacting extra large quantities of Bulky waste, Such as cardboard and Pet bottles as Simple as Possible. The automated solution is time-saving and convenient and Brickman 1200K has the capactity to process up to 1100 kg material per hour!

    By Orwak AB Office in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Brickman Product line

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    ORWAK - Model COMPACT 3110 - Small Front-loaded Baler

    THE ORWAK COMPACT 3110 is perfect for companies with small amounts of packaging waste. The low height in combination with the small footprint make it fit where you need it to be! It is a small but effective baler and it gives a volume reduction up to 7:1.

    By Orwak AB Office in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Orwak Compact Product line

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    ORWAK - Model Compact 3210 - Baler

    The 3210 model is extremely fast with a cycle time of only 13 seconds! Two bales fit perfectly on one Euro pallet. Press force: 12 ton. Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 80 kg/100 kg.

    By Orwak AB Office in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Orwak Compact Product line

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    ORWAK - Automated Horizontal Balers

    Fully automated horizontal balers meet the challenges presented by centralized and large-scale waste handling in many businesses that produce large volumes of paper-based and plastic wrapping waste for recycling. They quickly minimize the waste material in a cost-effective way to help you improve internal logistics. The continuous baling allows ...

    By Orwak AB Office in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Orwak Horizontal Product line

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    Specac - Model Atlas Series - Power Hydraulic Press - 8, 15 and 25 Ton

    Specac’s Atlas Series Power Hydraulic Press is available in 8 Ton, 15 Ton and 25 Ton load configurations. These bench-top presses have power-assisted hydraulics for ease-of-use and, with a small footprint, ergonomic design, and low noise characteristics, they are appropriate for a range of applications in both modern laboratories and ...

    By Specac Limited Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Laboratory Pellet Press Products - Laboratory Hydraulic Press Product line

  • Signapur Nano-Technology

    Signapur is 'the' hydrophobic, water and dirt-repelling surface finishing for glass: a clear situation that generates visible enthusiasm. By imitating the property of the leaves of the lotus flower, glass has a self-cleaning effect and it is protected. Thus cleaning efforts are significantly reduced and simplified. The glass is protected from ...

    By PURRATIO AG Office in Szolnok, HUNGARY.

  • ArmorMax - Anchored Reinforced Vegetation System

    ArmorMax Anchored Reinforced Vegetation System is the most advanced flexible armoring technology available for severe erosion challenges. Consisting of our woven three-dimensional High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) with X3® fiber technology and earth percussion anchors, you can count on the ArmorMax system to hold its ground.

    By Propex Operating Company, LLC Office in Győr, HUNGARY. from Erosion Control Product line

  • EKOTON Industrial Group - Aeration systems for Purpose of the Aeration System

    Aeration systems are intended for uniform distribution of air, supplied from the compressor or blower pump, in layer of water. To solve this problem the system forms small air bubbles which saturate water with oxygen and provide liquid mixing. Aeration systems are used at flotation, in aerobic stabilizers of deposits, in reservoirs, but aeration ...

    By EKOTON Industrial Group Office in Budapest, HUNGARY.

  • Doro - Model 3090/3091 - Reed Cutter

    The Doro Cutter 3090 is the perfect solution for common reed cutting in most aquatic environments. The cutter is hydraulically operated and easy to attach to Truxor’s attachment bracket. The cutter has two work depths, 1 or 1.4 m. The knives are replaceable with a work depth from 2.2 to up to 4 metres. The Doro Cutter 3090 must be used in ...

    By Dorotea Mekaniska AB Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Truxor Tool - Reed Cutting Product line

  • DEWA - Mobile Sludge Dewatering Plant

    The DEWA mobile sludge dewatering unit is a complete system that can be mounted on a trailer. It really is the ultimate “plug and play” system. The fully enclosed system creates an operator friendly environment with minimum risk of contact with sludge cake or vapours.

    By Dewaco Ltd Distributor in Budapest, HUNGARY. from Mobile sludge Dewatering Product line

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