working environment equipment in Michigan

  • Thermotron - Model AGREE - Combined Environment Test Chambers

    Thermotron combined environment test chambers, also known as AGREE Chambers, provide the flexibility to adapt to changing test requirements. The chambers, available in temperature or temperature/humidity configurations, can be integrated with a Thermotron electrodynamic or repetitive shock shaker for combined environment testing. The versatility ...

    By Thermotron Industries based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from Combined Environment Test Chambers Product line

  • Engine Exhaust Hose Reels

    Idling engines can rapidly fill poorly ventilated workshops with carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes. Exhaust hose reels mitigate the issue by capturing vehicle exhaust fumes at the source to create a cleaner, safer work environment.

    By RoboVent based in Sterling Heights, MICHIGAN (USA). from Engine Exhaust Hose Reels Product line

  • Handycope - High Powered Portable Microscope

    The Handycope is a high-powered portable microscope designed as a fast and reliable instrument for fertility screening in artificial insemination applications. The instrument is easy to handle and use, and the high-powered LED light guarantees clear and bright images even in dark working environments. Handycope is powered by a lithium battery.

    By Neogen Corporation based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA). from High Powered Portable Microscope Product line

  • Herkules - Model G100 - Paint Gun Washer

    Herkules economical G100 Paint Gun Washer saves time by thoroughly cleaning 1 spray gun and 1 cup, or 2 spray guns automatically in one minute. Both enclosed and automatic, the G100 limits not only dangerous VOCs, but also direct solvent-to-skin contact creating a safer work environment. Made in USA.

    By Herkules Equipment Corporation based in Walled Lake, MICHIGAN (USA). from Paint Gun Washer Product line

  • Harlo - Model HP8500 - Rough Terrain Forklift

    Our largest rough terrain forklift, the HP8500, offers 18 different mast configurations from which to choose.  The HP8500 also offers industry leading turn radius, and highest lift capacity in its class. The HP8500 is designed to handle the roughest work environments. Available with several industry specific optional accessories, including ...

    By HARLO Products based in Grandville, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • SlipNOT - Drain Covers and Trench Drain Covers

    SlipNOT slip resistant drain covers and trench drain covers are designed for applications where durability and safety are critical. Many food and beverage processing plants utilize SlipNOT stainless steel drain covers to keep workers safe in a wet, greasy and slippery work environments. SlipNOT drain covers are grit free so they will not ...

    By SlipNOT - Metal Safety Flooring based in Detroit, MICHIGAN (USA). from Drain Covers and Trench Drain Covers Product line

  • SlipNOT - Slip Resistant Plates

    SlipNOT slip resistant plates are designed for applications requiring complete surface coverage, transforming the most demanding environments into safe and productive work zones. SlipNOT plates provide a permanently safe alternative to slippery diamond plate.

    By SlipNOT - Metal Safety Flooring based in Detroit, MICHIGAN (USA). from Slip Resistant Plates Product line

  • Automatic - Glass Valves

    Glass manufacturing plants. Glass manufacturing machinery including blow head mechanism, interchangeable section machine and hot end blowing and forming equipment. These specialized machines work in a harsh environment and the valves have a high cycle rate.

    By Automatic Valve based in Novi, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • CATALYTIC - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

    Thermal treatment of VOC's and other air pollutants works by a simple reaction of the harmful air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment the VOC's are converted to water vapor and usable heat. These harmless by-products are released into the atmosphere or use an energy recovery technique to further lower the operational costs.

    By J Carpenter Environmental LLC (JCE) based in Mequon, MICHIGAN (USA). from Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Product line

  • IMI - Round Electromagnetic Lift

    Round Electro Lifting Magnets(RELM) provide concentrated holding power and a deep reaching magnetic field to lift thick, ferrous items. These electromagnetic lifts are an extremely valuable material handling tool. The RELM's durable construction makes them suitable for working in most environments handling thick, non-flexing items such as, steel ...

    By Industrial Magnetics, Inc. based in Boyne City, MICHIGAN (USA). from Round Electromagnetic Lift Product line

  • MetalteK - Rod Coatings

    The MetalteK® coating is applied on piston rods to prevent wear and corrosion in medium corrosive industrial environments. The mechanical characteristics (hardness: 1100 HV) and density of the coating provide a durable, very hard and dense surface with excellent sliding, wear and mating properties, as well as an excellent chemical corrosion ...

    By Douce-Hydro SAS Office in Shelby Township, MICHIGAN (USA). from Rod Coatings Product line

  • Premium

    Hoover Ferguson - Model Zone 2 - Offshore Workshop Units

    These units provide a safe and comfortable fit for purpose working environment. Easily stacked and quick and easy hook up to on-board services.

    By Hoover Ferguson Distributor in Livonia, MICHIGAN (USA). from Offshore Workshop Units Product line


    VIRON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant FIBERGLASS Control Dampers with over thirty-five years of fabrication experience. VIRON's modern facilities in Michigan and Texas operate the most efficienct equipment and manpower found in the thermoset plastic damper business. Each Control Damper has been tested in ...

    By Viron International Corporation based in Owosso, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Premium

    Hoover Ferguson - Model DNV 2.7-1 - Offshore Workspaces

    A60 workspace modules providing a safe and comfortable working environment, flexible layouts to suit client needs.

    By Hoover Ferguson Distributor in Livonia, MICHIGAN (USA). from Offshore Workspaces Product line

  • Premium

    HILCO - Static Oil Mist Eliminator

    HILCO Oil mist eliminators prevents oil mist from contaminating air or soil, help-ing facilities comply with environmental regulations. It also makes for a cleaner, safer work environment by eliminating oily residue build-up on engine room floors, enclosures and stairwells, while improving indoor/out-door air quality and reducing fire hazards.

    By Hilliard Corporation Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA). from Static Oil Mist Eliminator Product line

  • NECi - Model AtNaR-RPk - AtNaR Reagent Pack

    Superior Stock AtNaR + NADH Packs For Your Laboratory. Packs include 1.0 unit of AtNaR-2 plus calibrated quantities of reaction cofactors (freeze-dried form). Recombinant Plant NADH Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR-2). For analysis run between 20 – 45°C. Highly stable in working solution. Each pack sufficient for 20-50 assays, depending on your assay ...

    By NECi Superior Enzymes based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA). from AtNaR Reagent Pack Product line

  • NECi - Model NRPk-DA-1At - Reagents for Tabletop Discrete Analyzers

    Compatible with Tabletop Discrete Analyzers such as Unity (Westco) Smartchem, OI Analytical Discrete Analyzers, Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™, and other machines with a similar format.Previously sold as: DA-ARK-1 OIPContact us to design a kit tailored to your machine if not listed above for no extra charge.AtNaR & NADH Reagents for 50-200 ...

    By NECi Superior Enzymes based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA). from Reagents for Tabletop Discrete Analyzers Product line

  • Model DA-20 - 1 Hp Display Fountain Aerators

    Our most popular product in a 1 horsepower version! The “DA-20” Aerator Fountain is the proven solution for keeping your water sparkling clean while simultaneously providing beauty and healthy aeration. The “DA-20” is the work horse of the Scott Aerator product line, easily moving up to 500 gallons of water per minute. The ...

    By Scott Aerator Co. LLC based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA). from 1 Hp Display Fountain Aerators Product line

  • NECi - Model NPk-HDA-3At - Reagents for High Capacity Discrete Analyzers

    Recombinant Plant NADH Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR)For analysis run between 20 – 45°CHighly stable in working solutionManufactured in Pichia pastoris Shelf-life of up to 6 months at room temperatureHighest Specific Activity AtNaR on the marketHigh specificity reduces false positivesSuited for 3%+ NaCl environmentsCompatible with High Capacity ...

    By NECi Superior Enzymes based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA). from Reagents for High Capacity Discrete Analyzers Product line

  • NECi - Model AtNaR - Nitrate Reductase

    Superior Stock AtNaR For Your Laboratory. Recombinant Plant NADH Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR-2). For analysis run between 20 – 45°C. Highly stable in working solution. Recombinantly manufactured in Pichia pastoris: Consistent, Reliable. Shelf-life of up to 6 months at room temperature. Highest Specific Activity AtNaR-2 on the market. Utilizes NADH as ...

    By NECi Superior Enzymes based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA). from Nitrate Reductase Product line

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