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wrapping waste bale equipment

  • Waste Bale Wrapping Machine

    The balers are equipped with wrappers used to wrap bales of various types of waste with a plastic film. Wrapped bales can be stored in open areas. Wrapping the waste bales means they can be left outside even for long periods of time without any problems with leachate or ordors that are contained using the plastic film. Birds,rats and vermin are ...

    By Coparm Srl based in Ferrandina (Mt), ITALY. from Waste Bale Wrapping Machine Product line

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    Rotowrap - Model 30, 40 and 50 - Bale Wrapping Systems

    Machine types in the Rotowrap series bale wrapping system differ in terms of the components they are equipped with for automated bale conveying. The wrapping unit used to wrap bales is the same for all plant types, with these being designated Rotowrap series 30, Rotowrap series 40 or Rotowrap series 50, depending on the equipment involved.

    By PTF Häusser GmbH based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY. from Rotowrap Models Product line

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    Rotowrap - Model TT - Bale Wrapping Systems

    Rotowrap TT is the practical and reliable machine for wrapping your waste bales. It is an economical solution for plants with a throughput of up to 15 bales per hour for bale weights of up to 850 kg. The machine meets the highest of requirements while ensuring the efficient and exact wrapping of square and round bales during stationary operation. ...

    By PTF Häusser GmbH based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY. from Rotowrap Models Product line

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    Rotowrap - Model BO - Bale Opener

    Wrapped square bales are frequently sent to waste incinerator plants for burning. The bales need to be broken up at the plant prior to incineration. This first requires cutting of the binding wires on the bale, followed by cutting open of the film to release the product from the wrapping. The Rotowrap BO (Bale Opener) is a superior-quality ...

    By PTF Häusser GmbH based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY. from Rotowrap Models Product line

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    Rotowrap - Model WR4+4 - Vertical and Horizontal Bale Wrapping System

    The Rotowrap WR4+4 is an improved version of the conventional two-stage wrapping system. The Rotowrap WR4+4 is capable of wrapping two bales simultaneously vertically and horizontally on four sides in contrast to two-stage wrapping system from competitors. With our system both wrapping stages are used at the same time which results in a better ...

    By PTF Häusser GmbH based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY. from Rotowrap Models Product line

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    MACFAB - Model 100 - Vertical Balers

    The MACFAB 100 baler is a great way to reduce your recyclable waste into compact bales. Baling your material will save on waste collections compared to lose waste in bins. The MACFAB 100 is ideal for cardboard boxes, paper or Plastic film / wrap waste.Cardboard bales can weigh between 90kg and 150 kg. The MACFAB 100 is equipped with a PLC control ...

    By Macfab Systems based in Carrickmacross, IRELAND. from Recycling Equipment - Vertical Balers Product line

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    Model CW 2100 Series - Mobile Wrapper

    With the new mobile wrapping line, the wrapping can be taken to the places where it is most needed. This enables a contractor-based operation where the combination of a transportable baler and the CW 2100 wrapper can be taken to places where immediate baling and wrapping is needed.

    By Preferred Recycling Equipment Inc based in Grimsby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Mobile Wrappers Product line

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    Model CW 2200 - Waste Bale Wrapper

    Cross Wrap wrapping equipment is suited to the individual customer’s needs, for both small and large material quantities. Cross Wrap wrapping machines are compatible with all industrial square bale balers. Due to the modular construction, the Cross Wrap wrapping line can wrap different bale sizes and quantities.

    By Preferred Recycling Equipment Inc based in Grimsby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Waste Bale Wrappers Product line

  • Macpresse - Wrapping Machines

    Wrapping machines are dedicated to wrapping waste bales with plastic film. According to production targets, MACPRESSE machines can wrap between 20 to 50 bales/hour. Customers’ requirements and type of material determine the choice of machine to use.

    By Macpresse Europa S.R.L based in Vernate, ITALY. from Wrapping Machines Product line

  • Compacted Waste Presses System

    Presses For The Compaction Of Recyclable Materials. Presses For The Compaction Of Mixed Waste. Portable Compactor With Incorporated Container “Press Container. Supplamentary Equipment. Waste Bale Wrapping Lines. Conveyor Belts. Feeding Hoppers. Wire For The Baling Of Compacted Waste.

    By ARVIS Environmental Enterprises of Greece SA based in Athens, GREECE.

  • Takakita - Model WM-510E / WM-510M - Mini Bale Wrapper

    Produce feed that is small in size without waste. Accommodates bales that are 50cm in diameter and 63 - 73cm wide. Can conveniently produce quality silage that is small in size.

    By Takakita Co., Ltd. based in Nabari City, JAPAN. from Grass Baling - Wrapping Product line

  • JFC TidyWrap - Model TRB1 - Recycling Bin

    The TidyWrap is the ideal way to store waste plastic bale wraps keeping it clean and dry. When used effectively the bin can significantly reduce collection costs as the overall weight is much less if the plastic were wet and contaminated.

    By JFC Manufacturing Co Ltd based in Tuam, IRELAND. from Farm Equipment Product line

  • Piippo - Hybrid Baling Net Wrap

    As a result of high quality raw material and distinguished manufacturing process, we can produce probably the strongest net wrap in the market with a breaking strength of 285 kgf – 320 kgf. A lighter weight per gram makes it possible to produce a roll of 4000 m in length and under 43 kg in weight. Furthermore, as the diameter of the roll is ...

    By Piippo Oy based in Outokumpu, FINLAND. from Baling Net Wraps Product line

  • Model MG 3 ECO - Vertical Closed Side Hydraulic Compactor

    Vertical closed-side hydraulic compactor with closed-door binding, for the compaction of recyclable material such as: paper and cardboard, plastics, shrink wraps, nylon, waste in general. Equipped with trolley for handling bales, reel holder, two of strapping reels and needle to run the strap.

    By Ausonia S.r.l. based in Altivole (TV), ITALY. from Small Power Compactors Product line

  • RDF, SRF, MSW Automatic Wrapping Machines and Bale Openers

    Stretch film wrapping is a cost-efficient way to store waste while it is waiting for further utilisation as a source of energy in waste-to-energy-plants. We can provide the best solution for your needs, no matter how large or small the quantity of materials to be wrapped. The Cross Wrap bale wrapping machines are compatible with all industrial ...

    By Cross Wrap Oy Ltd based in Siilinjärvi, FINLAND.

  • Model RV 641 - Waste Roller

    Due to their compact and mobile design, the Welger Waste Roller RV 641 can be integrated into operational processes almost at every place where recycling materials occur to compact films, cardboard packages, plastic strapping bands, paper stripes, foam packaging and matting material, fleece materials and many other special materials for ...

    By Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH based in Braunschweig, GERMANY.

  • Direct Bale Wrapper

    Our patented new wrapper for 2-ram balers wraps your waste directly from the bale chamber – no ties or wires are needed.

    By Cross Wrap Oy Ltd based in Siilinjärvi, FINLAND.

  • Flexus - Model Typhoon - Biomass and Wood Chip Baling and Wrapping System

    Flexus balers are designed, engineered and manufactured for industrial-scale heavy-duty applications, to compact and wrap a wide range of waste materials incl.  MSW, RDF, C & I, biomass, ASR, pulp etc   The Typhoon is a fully automatic mobile high-capacity baler, processing up to 40 bales/hour.   Ideal for general MSW ...

    By RDF Recycling Systems Group, LLC based in Keller, TEXAS (USA).

  • EuRec - Model RBS-2 - Waste Packaging System

    High compaction of waste to cylindrical round bales, airtight wrapping with high tearproof film in safe cross bracing. Strips, nets, etc. not required. In spite of large volume (up to 2.83 m³) and large weight, the bales are dimensionally stable, transportable and storable. Even contaminated, but compressible waste can be packed, transported ...

    By EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH based in Krayenberggemeinde, GERMANY. from Waste Packaging Product line

  • Model PC100 series - Balers

    Automatic baling presses for recyclable materials and waste. Coparm designs and manufactures automatic balers for recyclable materials and municipal solid waste from 60 to 200 hp. Applications go from small balers for supermarkets with a 2 ton/h output to large heavily constructed balers for landfill sites with a 70 ton/h output of waste.

    By Coparm Srl based in Ferrandina (Mt), ITALY. from Balers Product line

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