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Since its inception, LuminUltra has been proud to offer the Kikkoman Lumitester C-110 to its customers. The Lumitester C-110 uses highly-sensitive photomultiplier tube and photon counting technology and is fully portable instrument can also be used for other types of chemi-luminescent analysis processes, such as MicroToxTM.

The ATP analysis harnesses a naturally-occurring, light-producing process to measure total microorganism concentration. The amount of light produced in the analysis is directly related to the quantity of microorganisms. To measure the light intensity and therefore the microbiological quantity, a luminometer is required. LuminUltra is pleased to provide to its customers the Kikkoman Lumitester C-110.

This luminometer is highly sensitive, fully portable, very robust, and allows users to take full advantage of LuminUltra’s cutting-edge products.

For your convenience, this product is compatible with all LuminUltra test kits.

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