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The EOL Zenith data logger collects data in compliance with IEC61400-12 for high-quality wind and solar resource assessment when maximum performance, reliability, and ease of use is a must. It is the perfect combination of data logger technology coupled with cutting-edge remote data collection and management software.

The EOL Zenith is designed for optimal performance in any climate – from the bitter colds of northern Norway to the desert heat of Egypt. Read our related case studies (Case Study 7 or Case Study 2). 

This exceptionally versatile performance is thanks to the carefully designed electronics, robust and reliable components, and low power consumption of the data logger – a feature that remains unique to the EOL Zenith and of crucial importance when operating in remote areas. Specific design features include:

  • 1Hz sampling rate (complying with IEC61400-12)
  • Advanced sensor error diagnosis
  • Live real-time data (bi-directional communication)
  • GPS time stamp and synchronization
  • Automatic file download
  • Multiple data delivery and forward options
  • 10 min. averaging interval (user selectable)
  • Data encryption and 2 level password protection
  • No interface cards required
  • No programming required
  • SCADA/Modbus capability (option)
  • Ultrasonic capability (option)
  • Met mast management tool (EOL Manager) that helps keep track of all your sites

The EOL Zenith data logger offers a wide range of possibilities and is the core component in wind resource measure­ment campaigns. By default, the data logger comes equipped with GSM/GPRS communication capabilities. Due to its very low energy consumption, a 10W solar panel is sufficient for standard operation (dependent upon hours of sunlight, latitude, etc.)

Do you want to be completely up to date on all your wind measurement campaigns 24/7?

With EOL Zenith data logger, you can do just that. All it takes is an internet connection and you have complete control over all your sites – the EOL Manager even helps keep track of them all from just a single dashboard!

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