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Remote sensing devices (RSD) are ground-based sensors which use acoustic pulses (SODAR) or laser pulses (LIDAR) to measure wind data. Although met masts are the industry standard, RSD can be helpful as a supplement to them. Traditionally, if the turbines were taller than the met mast, the met mast data were extrapolated vertically adding uncertainty to the wind resource estimation process. In fact, this is getting more and more usual nowadays due to the increasing height of the wind turbines. RSD can thus contribute to reduce this uncertainty by providing data of the whole rotor blade area. RSD are flexible deployment devices, resulting in minimal lead-time in getting data from a site, since no planning consents are required and the cost of installation is negligible.

Typical RSD functions are:

  • Reducing met mast uncertainty, e.g. short-term test to confirm shear, anemometer accuracy and inflow angles.
  • Site infill between met masts to reduce site modelling uncertainty.
  • Terrain classification: reducing vertical uncertainty and directly measuring inflow angles.

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