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- Model SD Series Type T - Standard Duty - Key Transfer Block



The Type T interlock is an assembly of two or more lock cylinders in a single housing. Type T interlocks are designed to retain one or more keys (called held keys) while the remaining (initiating) key(s) are removed. This allows an exchange of keys in an interlock sequence. All initiating keys must be inserted into the Type T interlock before the held keys can be removed. Once a held key is removed, the initiating keys are trapped in the interlock.

Type T interlocks are transfer blocks since they do not have a lock bolt projecting through the housing. Often the need for a transfer block can be eliminated by using multi-cylinder interlocks mounted on other devices, making it unnecessary to go through an additional transfer block operation.All components of the HD Series Type T interlock are made from electropolished 316 stainless steel.

  • Key Removable - specify which key(s) are initiating ('E') and which key(s) are held ('W').
  • Multi-Cylinder - up to 3 cylinders available.
  • Stamp Key Interchange - specify an alphanumeric code to be stamped on the cylinder face and the key (e.g. A1, A2, B1, etc. - up to 5 characters). See HD Series Data Sheet for Keys (3.4) and Terminology (4.1) for details.
  • Auxiliary Switches - see HD Series Data Sheets for Type Thermoplastic (2.3) and Type S (2.4) for details.
  • Dust Covers - see HD Series Data Sheet for Dust Covers (3.1) for details.
  • Mounting Bolts - see HD Series Data Sheet for Mounting Bolts (3.2) for details.

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