- Model W 200-6 - 6-Wheel Tandem Wagon



The Model W 200-6 is ideal for use under forage boxes and other equipment.  Special steering design prevents swaying and fishtailing. Formed steel axle assemblies are rigidly reinforced and gusseted to give the best capacity for the weight. Heavy, round telescoping reach tube resists kinking or bending. Wide 72' treadwidth is ideal for safe hauling over rough terrain. Tandem axle assemblies are furnished with solid steel pivot shafts.

  • Weight Less Tires...932 lbs.: Treadwidth...72'
  • Capacity...24,000 lbs.: Tie Rods...Solid Steel
  • Hubs...Heavy 6-Bolt: Wheel Bearings...Tapered Roller
  • Wheels...15 x 8.00 or 15 x 10.00 DC: Pivot Shafts...Solid Steel
  • Spindles...2' Diameter 1045 Steel: Tandem Axles...Boxed Steel
  • Reach...High Strength: Frame...Heavy Pressed Steel
  • Wheelbase...Adjustable, 8 to 12 Feet: Tandem Spindles...38' Centers
  • Tongue...72' Heavy-Duty Tubular Construction: Bushings At All Wear Points
  • Stakes...38' - 42' Spacing: Dust Seals On Spindles & Hubs

  • Tires: Ball Hitch
  • 77' Telescoping Tongue: Lights
  • Extra Long Reach: Brakes
  • Safety Chains: Pintle Eye Hitch

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