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- Efficient Media For Moving Bed Biological Reactors


A durable, rugged and highly efficient media for moving bed biological reactors (MBBR) and integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) systems.

Kontakt is ideal for new MBBR or IFAS systems or for replacement of media or carrier elements in existing systems. It’s innovative design creates a high percentage of protected surface area for microorganisms to adhere. In turn, the increases the overall biomass concentration and can reduce the tank volume required for wastewater treatment. Large openings allow for the wastewater to freely pass through the media which helps maintain a healthy and thin biofilm.

A key component to the MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor) and IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film/Activated Sludge) processes is the efficiency of the reactor media or carrier element. Jaeger Environmental has developed KONTAKTTM; a lightweight, durable, rugged and highly efficient media for MBBR and IFAS applications.

The KONTAKT design allows the media to freely move throughout the bioreactor while providing a significant protected surface area for biomass to adhere.

KONTAKT is added to aeration tanks and retained by a separation device. Diffused aeration systems and/or low energy mechanical mixers usually achieve sufficient agitation of the media.

  • Manufactured of durable high density polyethylene
  • Lightweight with a variable specific gravity from 0.93 to over 1.05 for HDPE material
  • Provides a large protected surface area
  • Open internal design resists clogging
  • Long lasting, economical, and easy to ship and install
  • Easily upgrade overloaded aerated basins or A/S plants by adding KONTAKT and minor system upgrades
  • Eliminate sludge recycling
  • Cost effective solution for retrofitting existing treatment systems
  • Inexpensive alternative media for new plants

  • Type: KONTAKT 500
  • Size: 0.80' Diameter x, 3/8 - 5/8' Long
  • Weight, Dry: 9 lbs/ft3
  • Surface Area: 152 ft2/ft3
  • Protected SA: 113 ft2/ft3
  • Void Space: 92%

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