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- Model VZU-G - Gypsum Vertical Peeler Centrifuge



The Krauss-Maffei VZU-G gypsum centrifuge is most suitable for desulfurization of flue gases from coal-fired heat/ power plants, waste incinerators, and copper smelters. Washing the flue gas with limestone slurry is the most successful method and generates reusable gypsum.

The development of many different processes for desulfurization of flue gases from coal-fired heat and power plants started more than four decades ago.

Washing the flue gas with a limestone slurry became established as the most successful method. Efficient dewatering provides gypsum slurry as an end product with good reusability. High purity levels and low residual moisture are best obtained using Krauss-Maffei vertical centrifuges. ANDRITZ KMPT has extensive experience in gypsum dewatering, as well as in corrosion and wear protection as it has over 400 machines operating successfully worldwide. Continuous improvements to our machines guarantee reliability and maximum efficiency.

Mining and Minerals:

  • Flue gas desulphurization (FGD), metal refining

  • Average particle size: 20-100 µm
  • Feed solids concentration: 10-70 % by wt.
  • Solids throughput: up to 10 t/h
  • Basket diameter: 1,000-1,600 mm
  • Basket volume: 220-1,300.0 l

When it comes to gypsum dewatering, Krauss-Maffei vertical basket centrifuges offer major advantages over belt filters. The benefits include significant cost savings, lower cake moisture, lower power consumption, reduced floor space requirements, cleaner and quieter processing, and less spare installed capacity. Even under irregular plant conditions, Krauss-Maffei centrifuges will continue to perform.

There is simply no contest between the money-saving opportunities of Krauss-Maffei vertical basket centrifuges against belt filter installations when dewatering gypsum. A 20-year life-cycle study of a typical 600-900 MW power plant (60 TPH gypsum) shows that using Krauss-Maffei vertical basket centrifuges instead of belt filters generated over € 12 million in total cost savings.

A centrifuge is a clean, totally enclosed system that minimizes housekeeping requirements and eliminates exposure to vapors and dust. The centrifuges also operate quietly (less than 80 dBA), providing an operator-friendly environment.

Krauss-Maffei vertical basket centrifuges’ simple, rugged design increases reliability in day-to-day operations compared to belt filters. This means that spare capacity requirements are minimized. To assure 99.5%+ availability, only one spare machine is needed for every 6 operating machines. Belt filters typically require 50-100% installed capacity to maintain the same reliability.

For any given throughput, a centrifuge installation requires only 1/3 the floor space of a belt filter installation. When space is limited, this can be an enormous advantage. With scrubber retrofit installations, for example, this space difference may avoid demolition and relocation of existing plant components.

*) Density of saturated cake 1,750 kg/m³at T = 50°C

When using specific materials it is possible to increase the permissible speed of rotation and g-values respectively.

All technical data are approximate and subject to change without notice

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