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Vacuum drum filters are the most frequently used continuous rotary filters in solid/liquid separation. From gas-tight to pressure belt designs, living up to the latest ATEX requirements, they can be tailored to tackle various filtration challenges. Ease of operation, high adaptiveness and simplicity in design make Krauss-Maffei TSF vacuum drum filters simply a clever solution.

The Krauss-Maffei TSF vacuum drum filters are available in various construction materials and are equipped with a product-adaptive discharge system. Decades of process experience and continuous improvements are pillars of this solid and proven technology.

  • Increased filtration performance
  • Optimized hydraulic efficiency
  • Easily accessible process area
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Adaptable differential pressures for each filtration zone
  • Processing in gas-tight designs
  • Processing in accordance with ATEX requirements
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Visual inspection of process area of gas-tight machines

  • Chemicals: ABS, aluminum hydroxide, sulfate, antibiotics, BPA, dyestuffs, herbicides and insecticides, indigo, carbonates, plastic intermediates, MBS, melamine, mycelium, pigments such as titanium dioxide and basic lead carbonate, phosphates, soda, cellulose
  • Environment: Industrial and municipal wastewater
  • Food: Vitamins, caffeine, baking soda, proteins, cellulose, sugar solutions, pectins, citric acid, sodium alginate, oils, starch
  • Mining and Minerals: Flotation concentrate such as coal, ore and potash sludge, gypsum, red mud, cryolite, aluminium, and aluminum hydroxide.

  • Average particle size 1-300 µm
  • Filtration capacity 100-2,000 l/m2h
  • Solids throughput up to 1,500 kg/m2h
  • Pressure operation up to 70 mbar
  • Operating temperature up to 95 °C

The suspension to be filtered is fed continuously to the filter trough. Depending on the application, different systems are available to guarantee homogeneous mixing of the slurry. Thanks to the specially designed pendulum agitator from ANDRITZ SEPARATION, sedimentation of the solids is prevented.

The shell of the filter drum is divided into cells and covered by a filter cloth. Approximately 37% of the filtration area is submerged in the suspension, and the drum rotates at up to 4 rpm.

The Krauss-Maffei TSF vacuum drum filter builds up a vacuum with a liquid seal pump, which is connected to the drum cells via separators, control head, and filtrate pipes. This causes the liquid to filter through the filter cloth. The solids contained in the suspension are deposited in a uniform layer on the filter cloth, thus forming a filter cake.

The filtrate is discharged either by pumping or by utilizing the barometric height. The filtered solids layer emerges from the slurry as the drum rotates and is then washed, dried, and removed from the filter cloth. In the course of one revolution, each point of the drum area passes through these zones in succession.

The wash liquid is applied to the cake either directly by washing devices (weirs, spray nozzles) or through a wash belt placed on top of the solids layer.

The filtrates from the washing zones can be drained off separately, enabling multi-stage counter-current washing. The filter cake is discharged by means of a discharge device covering the entire drum width and which is specially suited to the cake thickness, consistency, structure, and so on (scraper, roller, pre-coat scraper, string or belt discharge).

As the drum rotates, it is re-immersed in the suspension. The filter cloth can be cleaned before the next filtration cycle, either with water jets, bubbles, or both.

For transport of solids, our drum filters can be adapted with screw or belt conveyors as well as specially designed chutes if the next process step is located near to the filter.

  • Fewer spare parts needed
  • Optimized design for ease of inspection and time savings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Minimized downtimes

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