- Centrifugal Slurry Pump



The gravelMAX centrifugal slurry pump has a unique patented design developed to handle larger particles.

  • Casing - designed for minimum slurry turbulence and even wear. Includes integral wear ring, carrier, and adjustment screws for on-line adjustment and elimination of suction side recirculation.
  • Wear Ring - adjustable wear ring assembly to permit closing of suction side impeller clearance during operation. This reduces slurry recirculation and lowers pressure at the suction area, thereby maintaining flow and reducing wear. 
  • Impeller - designed for high slurry efficiency and hydraulic performance. Machined surface at the eye for wear ring adjustment and high expelling vanes
  • Backliner (dependent on pump size) - designed for close clearance at the back. Matching full impeller diameter and profile for close operating clearance. 
  • Wear Parts - designed hydraulically to wear evenly. Constructed of high chrome at 680/720 Brinell hardness. 
  • Power Frame - heavy duty cast iron pedestal with external bearing assembly adjustment mechanism. Drilled for overhead motor mounting assembly. 
  • Bearing Assembly - heavy duty shaft and indirect fitted taper roller bearings rated at 100,000 hrs B-10 life minimum. Bearing arrangement designed to prevent over greasing and ingress of slurry.

High Radial Vanes

  • Clears large solids
  • Prevents solids from being crushed
  • Reduces casing slurry pressure at the eye of the impeller
  • Reduced power consumption

External Wear Adjustment Screw

  • Four screws for on-line wear clearance adjustment
  • Adjusted while the pump is operating
  • Adjusted six to eight times during the life of the pump

Adjustable Wear Ring

  • Allows a higher percentage of solids pumped and maintained throughout the life of pump
  • Adjusted during operation
  • Reduces suction side recirculation
  • Maintain hydraulic performance

millMAX™ Power Frame

  • Heavy duty cast pedestal
  • External bearing assembly adjustment
  • Wide bearing centers
  • Heavy duty shaft and bearings
  • Double clamp

Reverse Taper Roller Bearings

  • Increases effective load span to improve life
  • Main bearing failure is due to over-greasing
  • Pumping action of taper rollers discharges grease to the outside, preventing ingress of slurry or over greasing of bearing cartridge

Increase Power & Reduce Cost

Krebs millMAX™ Pumps treat the cause of pump wear and loss of efficiency, whereas competitive pumps treat the symptoms through materials or predictive uneven wear rates.

The gravelMAX™ Pump has a unique patented design developed for severe abrasive slurries.

The gravelMAX™ Pump features a patented on-line wear clearance adjustment, which minimizes the cost-per-ton pumped compared to conventional hard metal and rubber lined slurry pumps through:

  • Pump higher percent solids
  • Maintenance of suction vacuum
  • Increase deposit life by digging deeper
  • Reduce power costs
  • Reduce the cost per ton
  • Adjust pump while running
  • Longer wear life of parts

Total Cost of Ownership

In most established millMAX™ installations, wear life of parts has been even and in the majority, overall wear life has generally improved by 50% to 100%. This increase in wear life is achieved together with a reduction in power, generally in the 10% to 20% or greater range.

The reduction in power can then be taken as a cost savings, or through additional pumping capacity with the same installed motor.

With the millMAX™ Hybrid Suction Sealing System, the front clearance is adjusted while the pump is running, and takes only five minutes to perform. This clearance is adjusted normally six to eight times throughout the life of the wet end parts.

Markets & Applications

  • Aggregates (Sand Plants, Cyclone Feed, Tailings)
  • Dredging
  • Coal - Especially DMCF
  • Froth (where air disbursement is a priority)
  • Heavy-duty abrasive slurries
  • Any application requiring the passage of large particles

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