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The slurryMAX XD has found success all over the world, in the most aggressive applications, for more than a decade. Extremely thick elastomer liners and a heavy-duty impeller provide this pump with extended wear life, in addition to all of the advantages gained from the millMAX suction-side-sealing system.

Our heavy-duty versatile Slurry Pump – delivered by design

Engineered for multiple applications in mining, aggregates and other mineral processing industries, our slurryMAX XD Pumps include the same proven wear ring feature of our millMAX Pumps.

The externally adjustable wear ring closes the suction-side impeller clearance between the suction liner and the impeller eye. The ability to control the suction-side clearance reduces the hydraulic recirculation, and helps maintain the design performance over the life of the pump, without increasing the pump speed. Over time, a conventional pump will have to increase the operating speed to maintain performance, causing it to wear out even faster.

Our wear ring advantage also allows for a wide clearance between the impeller and suction liner. This eliminates the mechanical grinding of solids between the two components. Conventional pumps without the wear ring advantage experience this grinding of solids, which consumes power and causes significant wear in the suction liner and impeller. The unique advantage to our design is that we solve both the grinding and the recirculation problems within the pump, while the competition can only solve one or the other.

slurryMAX™ HP This high-pressure version of the slurryMAXTM XD is ideal for multistage high-pressure pumping systems. Within the high-pressure outer casing, and added rib reinforcement, the slurryMAX HP uses all of the same extreme wear parts as the XD, delivering long life and consistent performance.

slurryMAX™ XHP

We added the slurryMAX XHP to our slurryMAX range to provide our customers with pumping system options for multiple stages and a higher final discharge pressure. As with the HP, the XHP uses the same wear parts as the XD, but with an even more robust outer casing.

Split-case Pumps for the toughest applications

  • Even and predictable wear life
    Extended wear life is delivered through our wear ring technology and versatile range of material options. The slurryMAX XD Pump maintains hydraulic performance throughout the life of the pump, increasing the life of all wet end parts and reducing power consumption.
  • Multiple material options
    Multiple elastomer, alloy and polyurethane material combinations are available for all applications. Our casings and elastomer liners are designed to withstand slurry turbulence and allow for a wide operating flow range.
  • Energy savings
    By solving both the grinding and the recirculation problems within the pump, our slurryMAX XD increases slurry efficiency by 10-15%. This results in lower power consumption and lower cost per ton.

Our heavy-duty slurryMAX XD design is ideal for high wear applications

Our heavy-duty, Split-case-design Pump incorporates hydraulic efficiency and our proven millMAX wear ring technology to create the most efficient and longest-lasting slurry pump of its kind.

Key to the efficiency and wear characteristics of the slurryMAX XD is the proprietary wear ring for suction-side sealing. This feature allows adjustment of the impeller to the back to boost centrifugal seal performance, while limiting suction-side recirculation. See closeup view (image-bottom right)
The slurryMAX XD’s thick rubber liners increase wear part operating life, while their right-angle shape prevents the liners from collapsing into the impeller. Steel reinforcing plates provide stability to rubber liners and prevent deflection under vacuum conditions. The liners are available in natural rubber as the standard; however, we offer multiple elastomer material options.  See closeup view (image-top left).

With multiple impeller material options, we’ve designed the slurryMAX XD to handle the majority of applications such as primary cyclone feed and tailings. With tough spheroidal graphite iron casings, thick rubber liners and added external ribbing, we can handle the high pressures of multistage applications.

Reverse taper roller bearings increase the effective load span to improve wear life. The pumping action of the taper rollers discharges grease to the outside, preventing an influx of slurry and eliminating the possibility of failure from over-greasing. Heavy-duty shaft and taper roller bearings rated at 100,000 hours minimum of B10 life.

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