- Urethane Hydrocyclones



FLSmidth Krebs has a complete line of hydrocyclones of urethane construction ranging in size from .5 to 15 inch (13 to 254 mm) in diameter. This line of hydrocyclones is ideally suited for classification and separation of solids in slurries in the industrial and mineral related wet processing industries. Benefits in using Krebs Urethane Cyclones: Urethane cyclones are abrasion resistant, light weight for easy handling and installation. They will not corrode and are low cost. Our U10-gMAX cyclone utilizes 2 component molded urethane that provides maximum strength and wear characteristics. Separation d50's as fine as 3 microns are possible with flow rates ranging from .6 to 300 gpm (14 to 68 m3/hr) and higher per hydrocyclone. Multiple units can be combined in a manifold arrangement for unlimited capacities.

  • 25 - 40% finer, sharper separation than standard cyclones
  • Fewer cyclones needed for optimal performance
  • Available in sizes ranging from .5' to 15' in diameter
  • Numerous cyclones can be placed in the manifold together in a tight space
  • Works with existing installations
  • The U10-gMAX® utilizes a 2-component molded urethane that provides maximum strength and wear characteristics

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Light weight for easy handling and installation
  • Will not corrode
  • Worn sections can be replaced individually
  • Low cost

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