- Constant Head Permeameter Set



The Ksat constant head permeameter is an instrument that provides the means to collect data for determining in situ saturated hydraulic conductivity of the vadose (unsaturated) zone easily and conveniently. The measuring procedure is known as constant head well permeameter technique, shallow well pump-in method or borehole infiltration test. Before the equipment is used a hole is augered (the bottom of the hole must be plane (use the Riverside auger). The main unit is used for measuring hydraulic conductivity to a depth of 2 m. The depth of measurement can be easily increased to 4 m by attaching a set of constant head tubes to the main unit. To measure below 4 m depths, a special flow measuring reservoir and a pressure transducer (available as optionals) are required.


The standard set (for a depth of 2 m) contains: the compact constant head permeameter and augers for installation.


  • In situ permeability tests for drainage and/or irrigation.
  • Determination of hydraulic conductivity of the unsaturated zone for septic system design, landfill design, and retention pond construction.

  • Determines permeability in any layer < 2 m
  • Meant for above the groundwater table
  • Stable compact and versatile instrument
  • Steady state principle for optimum accuracy


  • Requires skilled person

Maximum measuring depth: 2 m
Reading accuracy: 1 mm
Registration type: manual
Package size: 120 x 53 x 43 cm
Weight: 7.5 kg

  • Infiltration research
  • Soil permeability research

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