Lindeman Tractor, Inc.

- Model BKE 150 - Landscape and Estate Shredders


The high capacity and strength of the BKE 150 landscape shredder lets operators cut tall, thick grass in parks, nurseries, orchards and vineyards with ease. This shredder features a large shredding capacity, allowing increased shredded pant material and faster work due to high rotor speed, body design and clearance. Two different types of knives can be choosen according to specific working conditions. This shredder also is available with two different hitch options for a fixed postion behind the tractor, or a hydraulic offset for cutting around obstacles. Shredding height can be adjusted by the semi-pivoting wheels or roller.

  • Linkage: 3-point - axial or with offset
  • Offset (cm): 35
  • Working width (m): 1.53
  • Overall width (m): 1.71
  • Transmission: 13/8'- 6 splines
  • Outer diameter of rotor (mm): 425
  • Diameter of rotor tube (mm): 152.4
  • Thickness of rotor tube (mm): 8
  • Speed of rotor/s at 540 min-1 (min-1): 2325
  • Linear speed of rotor (m/s) at P.T.O 540 min -1: 51.5
  • Number of universal knives: 36
  • Number of hammer knives: 18
  • Universal Y Knives articulated in both directions: 36
  • Drive: Free wheel
  • Number / Type of belts: 3/SPBX
  • Weight (kg): 470
  • Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW): 26
  • Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp): 35
  • Maximum authorised tractor power (kW): 35
  • Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp): 48
  • Height control: Roller or semi-pivoting wheels

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