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Water Tanks: made of 12 gauge galvanized up to 1800 gallons (depending on application) or 10 gauge galvanized 2000 gallons and bigger. Eliminates algae growth, low profiled baffled tanks have flat top and bottom with rounded corners for fewer seams and greater stability. Choose from 100 to 3750 gallons.

The water tanks listed as follows are complete with baffles, manhole, chain lifting loops, sight gauge, and 2” or 3” outlets. No algae, five years warranty.

3750 Gal. Water Tank 7’6”Wx5’Hx16’3”L 10Ga. Wt. 3900 lbs. 4 baffles
3500 Gal. Water Tank 7’6”Wx5’Hx15’3”L 10Ga. Wt. 3700 lbs. 4 baffles
3200 Gal. Water Tank 7’10”Wx4’Hx16’8”L 10Ga. Wt. 3500 lbs. 4 baffles
3000 Gal. Water Tank 7’6”Wx4’Hx16’3”L 10Ga. Wt. 3400 lbs. 4 baffles
2600 Gal. Water Tank 7’6”Wx4’Hx14’2”L 10Ga. Wt. 3120 lbs. 4 baffles
2500 Gal. Water Tank 7’6”Wx4’Hx13’8”L 10Ga. Wt. 2600 lbs. 4 baffles
2000 Gal. Water Tank 5’10”Wx4’Hx14’2”L 10Ga. Wt. 2200 lbs. 3 baffles
1800 Gal. Water Tank 5’8”Wx4’Hx13’1”L 12Ga. Wt. 1880 lbs. 3 baffles
1700 Gal. Water Tank 5’8”Wx4’Hx12’4”L 12Ga. Wt. 1750 lbs. 3 baffles
1600 Gal. Water Tank 5’8”Wx4’Hx11’7”L 12Ga. Wt. 1650 lbs. 3 baffles
1500 Gal. Water Tank 5’8”Wx4’Hx11’0”L 12Ga. Wt. 1550 lbs. 2 baffles
1300 Gal. Water Tank 5’0”Wx4’Hx10’10”L 12Ga. Wt. 1350 lbs. 2 baffles
1000 Gal. Water Tank 4’0”Wx4’Hx10’6”L 12Ga. Wt. 1050 lbs. 2 baffles
500 Gal. Water Tank 4’0”Wx4’Hx5’0”L 12Ga. Wt. 500 lbs. 1 baffle

Tanks listed below have square corners with filler caps:

400 Gal. Water Tank 4'W. x 4'H. x 4'L. 12Ga. Wt. 400 lb.
300 Gal. Water Tank 2'W. x 4'H. x 6'L. 12Ga. Wt. 300 lbs.
200 Gal. Water Tank 2'W. x 4'H. x 4'L. 12Ga. Wt. 200 lbs.

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