Dexsil Corporation

Model L 2000 DX - Portable Field Instrument


The L2000 DX is a portable field instrument which determines the concentration of PCB and chlorinated organic compounds in oil, soil and water matrixes. The usable measurement range for oils and soils is 2 to 2000 ppm, and 10 ppb to 2000 ppm for water. The L2000 DX quantifies the extracted chloride of a sample and converts the chloride concentration to ppb or ppm PCB. The analyser can be used in the field or laboratory (battery and line power) by non-technical personnel. The L2000 DX eliminates the need to wait days or even weeks for laboratory results. An oil sample requires about 5 minutes to run while soil tests take about 10 minutes. The instrument can also be used to quantify pesticides.

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