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L & M Supply Company

- Model US-2P10 - 10oz Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM)



US-2P10 starts with 100% green polypropylene fiber that is distributed evenly between 2 black heavy weight UV stabilized nets. These nets are then stitched using black UV stabilized creating one of the highest quality blankets available on the market. The rolls are then tightly shrink wrapped and packaged to handle adverse conditions until they are installed. US-2P10 is 100% synthetic and resistant to biological and chemical degradation. US-2P10 has been engineered as a turf reinforcement mat (TRM). Its functional longevity is greater than 36 months (which depends on environmental conditions such as light, wind, water and soil conditions). Net: PP. Roll Size: 8’X112.5'. Skid Qty: 20. Truck Qty/Van: 480.

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