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Laboratory Label Replicator



Computype’s Laboratory Label Replicator can replicate a barcode label in one step, and even add a prefix or suffix to indicate a ‘parent-child’ relationship between the original sample and its aliquot or accession. This standalone system includes a scanner, keyboard with display, and a barcode label printer. The scanner reads barcodes directly, while the keyboard allows for adding or modifying information before printing.

  • Gain an economic solution, the compact unit helps you track samples accurately at low cost
  • Increase productivity, maintain chain of custody with reduced time and effort
  • Gain flexibility, the system is compatible with labels used with harsh chemicals and freezer storage

Laboratory Label Replicator key features

  • Standalone system includes scanner, keyboard with display, labels and barcode printer
  • Also functions as a crucial back-up when other direct slide printing technologies are out of action
  • System allows for:
    • Easy relabeling projects
    • Sample aliquoting
    • Sample accessioning
    • Chain of custody maintenance

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