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- Model LBPF-A10 - Blood Plasma Freezer


The blood plasma freezer is used to maintain and preserve the plasma without affecting its original quality. The special design of plasma clamp, large heat exchange area makes this plasma freezer reliable. The colourful touch screen system software screen makes operations user friendly.

  • Core temperature ≤-30℃
  • Temperature control range -70℃~100℃
  • Temperature fluctuation range ±0.5℃
  • Temperature Uniformity ≤2℃
  • Max. Refrigeration Capability Per Cycle 12000ml (200ml*60)
  • Cooling time for the Empty Box -55℃ ≤20 min & -70℃ ≤40 min
  • Number of the special Plasma bag clip 10 pcs
  • Total Power ≤7 kW
  • Power supply 380V±10%, 50HZ
  • Freezing method Once the freezer attains temperature of -55℃, put the plasma inside the box. Core temperature of the plasma reaches -30℃ after 60 minutes.
  • Refrigerating method Air cooling double stage
  • Overall dimension (L×W×H) 1780×800×1000mm
  • Inside dimension (L×W×H) 800×400×600mm
  • Total weight 350 kgs

  • Fast refrigeration speed with function to maintain constant temperature
  • Automatic defrost function to keep the cabinet dry
  • Automatic alarm function system
  • Air cooling double stage refrigeration method

  • Blood plasma freezer is a medical equipment used to freeze the plasma instantly. It has wide applications in blood banks, hospitals, clinical research, biotechnology industry and in military.

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