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A lagoon is essentially a large pond dug out for containment of the sludge. Lagoons can be constructed as either storage lagoons or dewatering lagoons. Storage lagoons are designed to store and collect solids for some predetermined length of time. They generally have decant capabilities but no underdrain systems. Storage lagoons should be equipped with sealed bottoms to protect the groundwater. Once the storage lagoon is full or the decant can no longer meet discharge limitations, it must be abandoned or cleaned. To facilitate drying, the standing water may be removed by pumping, leaving a wet sludge. Coagulant sludges can only be expected to reach a 7 – 10% solids concentration in storage lagoons. The remaining solids must either be cleaned out wet or allowed to evaporate. Enviro Technical Solutions are experienced in the sealing of slurry lagoons, water storage lagoons, settlement lagoons, ash lagoons, irrigation lagoons, etc.

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