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Lamellar Sedimentation Tanks



The Lamellar Sedimentation Tank LO-15-1 is used for the removal of heavy and medium-sized particles from effluents. The tank is designed for continuous and intermittent sedimentation separation. It enhances the sedimentation area and provides a laminar stream.

Principle of the Lamellar Sedimentation Tank LO-15-1 operation: surface load (m3/m2) does not depend on its depth; can be obtained by installing the lamella at an angle of 60 degrees inside the sedimentation tank.

It is an open rectangular tank made of carbon steel with three chambers: an inlet chamber, a sedimentation chamber and a chamber for treated water. Waste water moves through the plate filters which are placed parallel to each other at an angle of 60 degrees inside the sedimentation chamber. Solid particles slide to the tank’s bottom while clear water goes up to the sedimentation tank surface. The flange tap, placed on the bottom of the tank, removes sedimentation if it is necessary. Clean water flows to the chamber for treated water. There, water is supplied to the storage tank through the pipeline.

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