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High Temp. Transportable blackbody reference source. LANDCAL R1500T is a high temperature, transportable blackbody radiation source designed for calibration of a range of thermometers such as System 4 and Fibroptic thermometers. R1500T is a reference standard source giving a resolution of ±1°C/2°F.

The LANDCAL R1500T is a high stability, transportable, blackbody, reference source designed for on-site or laboratory calibration of infrared radiation thermometers up to temperatures of 1500 °C/2750 °F.

Six silicon carbide elements heat the conical ended cylindrical blackbody cavity to 1450 °C/2650 °F in approximately 30 minutes. A 3-term controller holds the set temperature to within ±1K/2°F.

The R1500T can be used as a transfer standard, providing calibration by the comparison method, using optional standard radiation thermometers. Alternatively a traceable calibration certificate can be supplied for the source, as an optional extra, where direct traceability is required.


  • Low Temperature (C): 500
  • High Temperature (C): 1500
  • Low Temperature (F): 932
  • High Temperature (F): 2732

Technical Details

  • Maximum temperature: 1500 °C/2750 °F
  • Recommended temp.: 500 to 1500 °C/950 to 2750 °F
  • Heating rate: 30 min. to 1450 °C/2650 °F
  • Stability: <±1K/2 °F over 30 minutes at set temperature
  • Radiation cavity Type: Diameter: External aperture: Silicon carbide, 120° cone 45mm/1.8in dia x 100mm/4.0in 40mm/1.6in dia.
  • Emissivity: Approx 0.99 at short wavelengths
  • Heating elements (6): SiC 151/356/20/25.4/7.4
  • Control thermocouple: Pt 13% Rh/Pt, Type R
  • Controller: Eurotherm with RS232C serial interface
  • Power requirement: 110/120V a.c. or 220/240V a.c., 50 to 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 3.0kVA
  • Overall Dimensions: 500 x 380 x 540mm/19.7 x15.0 x 21.3in (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 26kg/57.3lb(nett)/32kg/70.5lb (gross)
  • Uncertainty (400 to 1500°C): ±3K/6°F (with traceable certificate)

  • Transportable high temperature furnace for thermometer calibration

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