Landscape Rubber Mulch


Everlast Rubber Landscape Mulch is manufactured using state of the art processes utilizing a high heat drying process that ensures our color will not bleed in the bag, on your kids, or in your flower beds. We have invested years in perfecting our colorants and are proud that all of our colorants contain an anti-microbial agent and hardeners to give you the best abrasion resistance and performance possible.


It only takes 23 of our value sized bags to equal 33 Bags of most chain store bags, and we don't use crumb rubber filler. Also sold in a 2 Yard Bulk Rubber Mulch Super Sack or loose bulk rubber mulch and with Everlast Rubber Mulch you have a product designed to last for years specifically as a landscape mulch!

Have a large project? Ask about Bulk Pricing on the 'Nearly World Famous' bulk rubber mulch-ships loose by the semi-load.

How it Works...

It is important to remember that rubber mulch does not kill weeds. It prevents the weed seed from reaching the soil. The seed remains in the Everlast rubber mulch where it will generally dehydrate since Everlast does not wick moisture out of the ground like organic mulches; the mulch remains dry. Weed seed is already present in landscape beds and needs to be dealt with by using a pre-emergent (available at any garden center). Everlast will not mat or compact so it will allow more moisture through to your beds which your plants will love. Everlast Rubber Mulch will allow existing weed seed, bulbs, and annuals in the ground to germinate and grow. So, for best results, always use a pre-emergent to control weed seed. Also, remember to treat existing weeds with a weed killer instead of pulling them.

Please note that particle sizes change from day to day due to the fact the rubber is recycled.

We recommend a 2' depth because we know it works! Rubber mulch installed at less than 2' will allow weed seed to reach the soil... remember this fact when comparing products and coverage rates.

Once you have dealt with the existing weed seed and/or weeds you will see a dramatic reduction in new weed growth since Everlast Rubber Mulch acts as a weed block. Please follow the installation instructions and start enjoying your low maintenance landscaping today.

Everlast rubber landscape mulch is designed for general landscape use. Pieces are 1” and smaller and offer excellent natural looking texture. EVERLAST is 98% steel free and is excellent for all types of general landscape areas. Everlast Mulch will not float or blow away. Compared to wood mulches that rot and mat, it allows more water to flow to the soil and increases air to the soil since it never mats. Everlast rubber landscape mulch will not sink into the soil or provide a food source for termites. New weed growth is dramatically reduced as weed seed dehydrates before it can germinate. Everlast mulch provides a beautiful, long lasting, and virtually maintenance free mulch that will be enjoyed and envied for years.

* Rubber Mulch Colors may vary depending on your monitor settings.

Rubber Landscape Mulch Products And Pricing-Bagged and Bulk

  • Specifically designed for landscape use: Best when used in gardens, landscape beds, flower beds, and hardscaping
  • Designed by Nurserymen for Gardeners
  • Bulk Landscape Rubber Mulch available for large projects
  • Does not float
  • Does not support artillery fungus Click here for a full artillery fungus study
  • Does not blow away-you can even use a leaf blower
  • Link to Rubber Mulch vs. Commercial Leaf Blower videoRubber Mulch vs. Commercial Leaf Blower video
  • Does not provide a home or conduit for most insects: termites, palmettos, and others
  • Does not leach or bleed: Chemically safe for use with children, pets, and plants
  • Colorfast for over a decade
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Significantly reduces weed seed germination
  • Dramatically reduces landscape maintenance time and expense
  • Saves money on yearly mulching products and labor costs
  • Our bags are 30% larger than the average chain store bag

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