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- Model 7 - High Efficiency Surface Aerators



The efficiencies that can be obtained with low speed aerators depend on a number of factors. One important factor is the geometry of the basin in which the aerator will be installed. The Landy aerator can be installed in either a fixed or a floating arrangement. Regarding the geometry of the basins the options are virtually unlimited: square or rectangular tanks, round tanks, shallow or deep tanks, oxidation ditches, MBR- and SBR systems, lagoons, ponds, mixing or buffer tanks.

Landy surface aerators are characterized by the following features: 

  • high and constant efficiency
  • extreme low reaction forces
  • excellent mixing qualities
  • simply regulated
  • wide oxygenation range
  • wide range of applications
  • simple and robust construction
  • self cleaning
  • low maintenance costs

Landustrie is the world’s leading solution provider for wastewater aeration. Landustrie has extensive knowledge and experience, and a strong historical track record in this field.

For more than 50 years Landustrie has designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and maintained fine bubble aeration systems as well as surface aeration systems including low speed surface aerators and brush aerators.

As a prominent manufacturer of innovative, durable, highly efficient, and cost effective low speed surface aerators, Landustrie has developed the LANDY “axial flow” low speed surface aerators. These are characterised by high and consistent aeration efficiency over a wide range of speeds and immersion depths.

Further, the LANDY system is known for outstanding mixing, ensuring a complete and homogenous mixture throughout basins with up to 5½ m water depth (without draft tube) and exceptional propulsion when used in an oxidation ditch.

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