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- Model 060 Classic T - Water Purifier

A Plus water purifier is an ideal solution for household use. Our 5-stage reverse osmosis filter fits below the sink on in kitchen compartment. It is a process where all impurities are separated from water by forcing the water under pressure through a reverse osmosis membrane. Larger icon and molecules are trapped and flushed away with the concentrated rejected water. Often pre-filtration is required to prevent suspended matter blocking the membrane .Reverse osmosis removed most salts, heavy metal and organic molecules. With its convenient fittings & accessories it brings water to the best possible required location through the stainless steel faucet & tube pipe. It is provided with a flexible pipe & a stainless steel connector that will possibly fit all domestic taps. The connector also has a wire mesh filter that guard against particles and also has a tap to manage the flow of water in the purifier or to by Reverse Osmosis pass it.

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