Latch/Flap Hydraulic Coupling


Irrigation systems with hydraulic coupling type latch and flap consist of extruded aluminium pipes with male and female couplers smelted by gravity casting with aluminium alloy L-2520. The welding system is done by the MIG process. Its handling is very easy, as it is only necessary to slide the male part of the pipe over the spoon (guide)* located in the front part of the female of the other pipe, introduce the male inside the female and with the steel latch or the aluminium flap mounted over the male it will be fixed to the housing that the female has. Watertightness is obtained thanks to a double lip joint located inside the female, being the proper hydraulic pressure that makes the closing, that is watertight from 1 atmosphere of pressure onwards.

The male part of this coupling is provided to be able to mount a latch or a flap indifferently and the female part is the same for both couplings (latch or flap), as it has a part for the latch and another one for the flap.

Functioning pressures are:

  • Working pressure: 10 atmospheres.
  • Service pressure: 15 atmospheres.

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