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- Model 1100 - Mixer Wagon



Suited to medium-small companies that want to change over from the trailed mixer wagon to a self-propelled mixer wagon: simple design and easy to use but with high quality mixing thanks to the unique Faresin design.

  • Weight when empty 10060 Kg
  • Max lift capacity 3800 Kg
  • Power 140/103 PERKINS HP/Kw
  • Work speed 0/8 Km/h
  • Max Speed 0/30 Km/h

This location means greater comfort for the operator as there is no noise close to the cab, large spaces for heat dispersion, ease of maintenance and positioning that permits better balancing of the machine weight.
Cleanfix can be requested on all the engines to facilitate the cleaning operations on the radiant cores.

The box has been designed by our technical department with a geometry that guarantees the best results in terms of mixing and homogeneity of the ration with the minimum work effort. The technical combination of the box and of the augers provides the winning advantage that places the Leader in the top places in terms of the quality of the work carried out.

Milling cutter with a particular engineering concept with connection to the box that makes it possible to guarantee homogeneity during the entire loading stage.  The milling cutter can reach a height of 6.2 metres and guarantees operation with all the mixes prepared with different types of products.
The milling cutter geometry makes it possible to obtain excellent performance with all types of products (silo maize, straw/hay and derivatives for biogas).  The cutter roller is covered standard by a hydraulic safety guard.
As can be seen in the photograph, the cutter intake is made completely of stainless steel in order to improve the passage of the product and durability of this part which is subject to wear. Milling cutter diameter 0 800.

The new King Cab has been built to meet the ergonomics, comfort and style requirements consistent with the Leader range. The cabin is omologated with FOPS-ROPS.
The strengths are:
increased visibility by revising the interiors and increasing the glazed surface at the front and top, with an increase in visibility when the cutting channel is working both raised and on the ground.

The operator can carry out a series of operations from the driver's seat:

  • adjustment of the steering wheels
  • positioning of the seat and arm unit
  • orientation and management of the air-conditioning part by means of the controls

(A) Length 7970 mm
(B) Height 2850 mm
(C) Width 2400 mm
(D) Width milling cutter 2000 mm
(E) Maximum height front milling cutter 4900 mm
(F) Unloading height 750 mm
(G) External wheels 2340 mm

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